I’m going to first discuss the newest chapter and then I’ll delve into my announcement.

Chapter 15 was great, well at least I liked writing it. The events that took place when Hunter, Sydney, and Andrew came together remained largely unknown to the reader until the conclusion of this chapter. Also, Andrew realizes just what the case means for him and also what it means for his clients. I think it’s eye-opening and great insight into who Andrew is.

Now to the major announcement!

As an aspiring author, it is only wise to be aware of the publishing market of today and also of all of the publishing opportunities available. I am now at least halfway trough the first draft of my manuscript, let me repeat that, I’M HALFWAY THROUGH THE FIRST DRAFT!

I continue to tick off chapter after chapter and the realization that my book will be finished soon is settling in. As a result, I have spent far too many hours over the last ten days or so looking at publishers, book writing competitions, agents, and query letter techniques because this information will be needed soon enough.

I’ve read countless first-time author testimonials and articles written by others who work closely within the publishing industry, and what did I find? Well, after the months it takes for the author to find an agent, if it ever happens, and the time it takes the agent to sell the book to an editor at a publisher…the end result is often the same: The publisher pays a small advance to the author and prints the book.

Sure the book will be sent out to critics prior to publication, but the major reviewers like Publishers Weekly receive so many books for review that only a small percentage actually fall into the hands of a reviewer, and so many first-time authors write brilliant books and find no success. It’s unfortunate, but certainly something to consider.

With all of that being said, I have decided to self-publish my first book. I just don’t see the upside of opting to go the “traditional” route with my first book. I’m not writing because I want to become a millionaire, but I also don’t want to write a book that sells 50 copies and never again sees the light of day.

To help with the self-publishing process I will be launching a Kickstarter campaign next week that I hope you all will at least take a look at. It isn’t online just yet, but I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop when it is. Also, there will be a video on the project page telling a little about how come I’m making self-publishing my first choice rather than my last resort. And you’ll get to find out Andrew’s last name!

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