Setting the Stage

Chapter 17 is done! I sat down yesterday and soon realized after my first sitting that it would be a long chapter. Well, it kind of was.

The chapter is setting the stage for what I have in my head for chapter 18. Everyone involved in the case is at Andrew’s house and he realizes that they probably feel more safe than they have in almost a week. But he doesn’t beat around the bush and give them misguided messages. He acknowledges that there is real danger lurking just beyond, but does his best to reassure everyone that he’s the right man to protect all of them. He even offers up a guarantee that appears to convey his message.

Chapter 18 is going to be wonderful to write. I already have it thought out and I can’t wait to get it down on paper.

BUT until then I have some fantastic news for all of you! My Kickstarter project has been approved for launch and I’ll most likely make some final changes today and tomorrow and either launch tomorrow or Sunday.

I’ll keep you all posted as far as the actual launch date.

This journey only gets better!

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