The End is Near

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When I first started writing my book back on May 31 I had a number in mind as far as the word count is concerned. Well I’ve come to the conclusion that it is unnecessary for me to hold myself to that particular number. My story is my story, and it’ll end when it needs to.

Now, on to chapter 20! I got a little emotional while writing this chapter. Why, you ask? The remaining two chapters – that’s right, I only have two left – will tie up a couple loose ends that remain. The story is all but finished! Isn’t that just grand?!

That makes five chapters in the last ten days!

Any person who calls him or herself an avid reader has read several books that bring tears to their eyes. I know I’ve read plenty. I was fortunate enough to be on the other side of that equation with this book. I’m not the reader, I’m the writer! It truly is extraordinary.

I’m not going to reveal anything that happens in the chapter because it’s much too late in the story to give any detail away.

Also, you may recall that I posted stats related to my work once I reached chapter ten. I had planned to do the same at chapter 20, but I’m going to hold off on that because it is so close to the end of the book.

If you’ve read this far you HAVE to stay with me! We’re almost there!

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