Giveaway Winner Announced

Drum roll please! The winner of the giveaway of my first book is……..jesslovesyou89! Who Liked one of the two appropriate posts, commented on one of the two appropriate posts, followed my blog on WordPress, and followed me on Twitter yesterday, which was the final day of the entry period. Congratulations!

Direct message me on Twitter or shoot me an email at with your address within 24 hours to avoid someone else walking away with your prize!

Now, onto other news. I have some fun stuff to share with you guys about the first six days that my book has been available for sale. Last Friday night my Amazon sales rank dipped under 100,000 for the first time! It was around midnight and I was pretty ecstatic. Until the next night when my sales rank dipped below 50,000 for the first time! How exciting is that?

Today I received my first order of 25 books. Nine of which will be giveaways to people who helped my book become reality. Four of which will be reserved to be sold to people who have offered loads of encouragement throughout this whole process. Two have already been sold. One for me to treasure for all of eternity. And that leaves the others to be sold where I work. Did you read that?! My books are going to be sold in a store already! The people I work with are pretty awesome and I’m all set to talk to them tomorrow about them getting their hands on some of my books to sell in the store! They’ve already brought up the possibility of doing a signing and everything! Ahhhh! AND one of the guys I work with wants me to talk to his wife’s book club in January! I’m going crazy with excitement. AND I emailed a couple of my past professors who knew about my writing last week and right away one of them emailed me back telling me that she and another professor bought one immediately! I’ll have more updates as they come my way for all of you guys.

I’d love for some of you to buy my book! Really. Here’s the link. Just take a look at least!

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