First Signing Scheduled!

Can you believe that?! My first signing is already scheduled! Honestly, I know how hard it is for any author to have a book signing, so for me to have one within nine days of the release of my first book is pretty awesome. At least I think so.Let’s get into the details as to how this came about.

Today I went to the wonderful university that was nice enough to award me a degree. I actually hadn’t been back since graduating in May and my purpose for this trip was to give a good friend of mine her copy of my book. I also had intentions of meeting with a former professor who has expressed great interest in my writing and asked me to go by her office. Well, as I’m walking up the steps into the building I spot my professor. So we start talking about the book and all kinds of stuff related to really getting the word out about it. Ten minutes passed and my friend was still talking to a professor. So we walk upstairs and my professor discusses my book at length with the top business person of the criminal justice department. For a good five-ten minutes. Then she moves to discuss it with the department chair and she is just running around telling every person who will listen. It was pretty awesome.

We ultimately decided that i should attend the CJ Majors Day that is taking place on Thursday. This event is meant for declared criminal justice majors and also students who have an interest in doing so in the future. There’ll be advising staff and various area police departments recruiting, and me. Who better to pitch my book to than criminal justice students?! I get to make a fancy display and I’ll have a table set up and everything. I’m kind of scared. Really scared.

AND I signed my first book for someone!

Even though I don’t think any of you are in the Houston area, here are the details anyway:

The flyer can be found here.

University of Houston Downtown

Houston, TX 77002

CJ Majors Day

10:00AM-1:00PM Thursday, November 7

C100, Commerce Building

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