Bosch Pilot

I posted yesterday that I wanted to expand the scope of my blog posts to include posts that are not solely about my own writing or books. Well, today is the first post to fall in this new category.

I know a great many people enjoy anything having to do with crime, whether it be TV shows or novels or movies or whatever. I am certainly one of those people. I have a degree in criminal justice and two of my all time favorite TV shows are 24 and The Following, both of the crime variety. I also write detective novels.

Well, one of the top crime novelists of today, Michael Connelly, has finally done his millions of fans a favor by doing his best to get his most famous character, Harry Bosch, on screen. Those of you who are fans of Connelly know that he sold the rights to Bosch early in his career but no movies were ever made and Connelly eventually retained the rights to his LAPD detective. Now we’re here.

Connelly has brought Harry Bosch to Amazon Studios, who have developed a pilot episode for the potential series. It will be the first time that his fans will be able to see Harry Bosch on screen after more than twenty years of novels. Suffice it to say that we’re all beyond excited.

I’m sure you’re wondering now how you can get your eyes on the pilot, well it’s simple! The pilot is set to air FREE via Amazon Instant Video this month. Connelly, Amazon, and everyone working on the project simply ask that you watch and rate the pilot like you would any other item on the site. The overall reaction will determine whether the show is fully developed or not.

You can find all the information and teaser trailers about the Bosch pilot by clicking here!

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