Amazon’s List of 100 Books Everyone Should Read

Last week the Amazon editors released a list of 100 books that they believe everyone should read. There are other similar lists out there but this one just happens to come from the world’s largest bookstore. So in my effort to broaden the appeal of this blog I’ve decided to go ahead and challenge myself to read the books they’ve listed. This is not something that can be accomplished in a few months or even a year. I’ll most likely be working on the list well past the end of 2014 because I’m going to mix in the books from the list with my regular reading. If you’re interested in checking out the full list then just take a look at my Amazon 100 Books List page and I’ve listed the entire list and checked off the books that I’ve already read.

Also, I’m suffering from what I’m calling the second book blues. My definition of this phenomena is that I’m on the verge of abandonment. Abandoning what, you might be wondering. I’ve been working on my second book for several months now and it has been a struggle since the start. I’ll remind you that I wrote my first book in about three months. The second one is just not coming along like I’d hoped. BUT I can’t quit now. I’m going to keep pushing along to see if I can light a spark. Perhaps I’ll just change the story some. I don’t know, but I won’t give up. I can’t.

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