Where do you Read?


I am as avid a reader as any person I know, but I’m well aware of other bloggers who read the number of books I read in a year, in two months. But that doesn’t make me any less of a reader and it certainly doesn’t mean that I haven’t hunkered down and read in every place imaginable.

For me, reading is the greatest escape there is. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had a good day or a bad day or just turned 21 or anything at all. A good book never fails to suck you in for hours upon hours just to leave you breathless at the end thinking…”WOW! I need to continue the series!” That’s happened to me more times than I can possibly remember.

I mean, what else can you do for hours and hours and hours without eating or sleeping or moving from your spot and not feel bad about? You can watch TV, but the entertainment found there rarely hits the spot like a good book. You could just lie in bed all that time on your phone texting or tweeting or doing absolutely nothing but stare at the ceiling. What good does that do? No, there’s nothing quite like reading.

I honestly, cannot think of every place I’ve read. Let’s see…my favorite place is lying in bed. I’ve read in a hospital room, in the front seat of a car, in the emergency room, reclined on the sofa, in college and school classrooms, at the library, at work, and probably several places that I can’t remember as i write this. You can read ANYWHERE. And I certainly have.

So I ask, where is your place to get lost in a good book?

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