Why do You Write?

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There are so many reasons a person can decide to start writing. Do you do it because your favorite author happens to be one of the few who makes millions from their writing? Have you known since you were young that you wanted to be a writer and now you’re pursuing your dream? Did one of your college professors pull you aside and tell you that you had a real future in writing? Did you read a bad book and decide that you could do better? Or maybe you don’t see yourself as a writer at all and are simply trying something new, because how hard could it be, right? I’d say that any reason one can come up with to start writing is valid, even those oblivious individuals who think it’s so easy that anyone can do it. These are the people who make it about two paragraphs in and stop and declare, “Writing is easy, I just haven’t got the time right now.”

My response to this question is fairly simple. I write because it’s something that I’ve enjoyed doing for quite some time now. I believe I’m able to write fairly well. And I have many stories I wish to share with my readers. That’s really about it.

So I ask you, why do you write?

14 thoughts on “Why do You Write?

  1. I was pondering the “why” yesterday, and all I could come up with is “because that’s what I do”, haha.


  2. I might not yet be a writer in the professional sense, but I write because I can.
    Expression is such a huge part of the human experience, and I love to share knowledge and info that can possibly connect to someone else far, far away.


  3. I write because it keeps the voices quiet…which only other writers would actually understand. Also, I want to leave something behind when I am taken from this world. And maybe because I secretly want to write a book that Stephen King would love to read. lol


  4. Because I can’t stop myself from wanting to see what I’m capable of producing. I’ve never really paid much attention to writing, but I’m thinking maybe now is a good time to start. If I can get over the block.


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