World’s Ten Bestselling Authors Since 2001

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I first saw this story tweeted a few days ago. I tried to guess who would top the list before clicking through. My guess was JK Rowling. It took about half a second for me to come up with her. Even though so many authors have written more books during that time period than she has, I thought Mr. Potter and friends would be enough to catapult her to the top. I won’t tell you if I was right or not. You’ll just have to continue reading!

10. Jeff Kinney

Now you may not know him by name, I do, but he’s the author of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series. I’ve never read any of these, though the first in the series is on the Amazon list so I’ll be reading that one at some point. It’s very understandable that one of the bestselling children’s authors today would make the list.

9. Janet Evanovich

Another author that is understandably on the list. Her Stephanie Plum novels are as popular as any. Another author I haven’t read.

8. Nicholas Sparks

All of this guy’s books are seemingly made into movies. So obviously he’s selling A LOT of books, right? Haven’t read him.

7. Dan Brown

Honest question, what does he even write about? I know everything with his name on it becomes an instant bestseller, but I have no idea what his books are about. The Da Vinci Code and Inferno are the two that I know the names of. I just did a quick Amazon search and his books look like nothing I would be interested in. Author number four I haven’t read.

6. Stephenie Meyer

I just threw up in my mouth. I’m not going to say anything other than that I haven’t read any of her ‘books.’

5. John Grisham

Hey look, we have the same name. And last initial! I haven’t read any of his books, BUT I have A Time to Kill on my shelf waiting for my reading pleasure. It’s long. Like really long. I’ll read it eventually.

4. Dr. Seuss

No commentary needed. First author I’ve actually read on the list.

3. Nora Roberts

I know she writes A LOT of books but I haven’t read any. I’m sure they’re quite good.

2. JK Rowling

UH OH. Who the heck could pull the upset?! Think! Think! Think! Read the first book of Potter. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I was slightly surprised by her not holding down the top spot. All of these authors are great, all of them, but she’s one of those authors who will be remembered a hundred or two hundred years from now. Harry Potter will never be forgotten. I guess we can only continue on to the final name on the list.

1. James Patterson

Ahhhh of course. I was surprised by Patterson taking the top spot, but I wasn’t shocked by this. If you aren’t a fan of Patterson’s, you should know that he has several series ongoing. He utilizes the writing of ghostwriters whom he credits as co-authors and every one of the series is a bestseller. Every one. He has six of them. And standalone novels. He has nine books scheduled to be released in 2014.

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So there you have the list of the world’s bestselling authors since 2001. Were you surprised by any of the names on the list? Or any of the names who didn’t make the cut? Let me know!

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23 thoughts on “World’s Ten Bestselling Authors Since 2001

  1. “Stephanie Meyers – I just threw up in my mouth.” HAHAHA!!! I’m not a fan of her, either. I give her credit for the amount of work she put into the writing, but I think the message is terrible. Basically telling teenage girls that they’re nothing without a boyfriend. Blech.

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  2. I actually fell in love with Stephanie Meyers books. It wasn’t until the entire world started reading and obsessing over her books that I started to hate her and really see how terrible the book was. Actually I still love the books. I’m a sucker for a love story.

    James Patterson wrote a young adult series called Witch and Wizard that I absolutely loved. And before it became a movie, I balled my eyes out reading A Walk to Remember by Nicolas Sparks. Ugh, still breaks my heart. JK Rowling helped my brother how to learn to read. He was a freshman in high school and on a third grade reading level. Something about Harry Potter appealed to him and he started making his way through the books.

    I am a little disappointed that Stephen King didn’t make it on the list, but I guess his work is a required taste.


  3. Looks like you have a lot of reading to do. Just kidding 🙂 There’s really too much out there and we have to pick and choose the genre we tend to like. Janet Evanovich kind of reminds me of your style of writing.


  4. The common theme with these authors are they can just feel what the industry needs, write it, send it out there and catapult themselves to amazing success each time. I was surprised Patricia Cornwall, Stephen King or Anne Rice weren’t in the top 10


  5. I love what you wrote about Stephanie Meyers!! I actually laughed out loud. I’m surprised that chick who wrote 50 Shades of Grey isn’t on there. She’s sold a ton, but mostly e-books, so maybe that has something to do with it? Nicholas Sparks? He’s too predictable. Be prepared for your favorite characters to die at the end, and Nora Roberts? Umm….that’s just weird, and I’m a romance writer so I can say that. The fact that she’s on this list speaks more about the popularity of the romance genre than it does about her, because the majority of romance novels are cookie-cutter. Oops! Don’t tell anyone I said that! 😉


    • Haha I think it was a bit mean of me to say that about Stephenie Meyer. I bet she’s a wonderful person. EL James arrived late to the party. She didn’t have books out until fairly late in the period. She was in the top 20 on the UK list. I thought Nora Roberts was pretty beloved? Maybe not.


  6. Interesting that JK Rowling isn’t number one. I’ve read all her books and I’msome of the other authors but not all of them. And just because they’re bestselling authors doesn’t make their work amazing as you so rightly pointed out!


  7. I have read something from all of these authors except Nora Roberts, but, with the exception of JK Rowling, none of them are my favorites. It heals my soul a little that Dr. Seuss is on this list AND that there are three “children” authors on it, but I am a little shocked that Stephen King or Tom Clancy aren’t in the top ten. To me, these two men have quality and quantity.


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