The Side of me You Don’t Know

You guys know all about my obsession with all things books. I mean, that’s all I write about on this here blog of mine. But I’ve only mentioned in one of my posts that I double as a bodybuilder. I know, I know. Those are about as opposite as it gets, right? Well meet John Guillen

I will say forever and back that writing is number one in my life, BUT bodybuilding and fitness in general is tied for the top spot. My writing may never make me enough money to live off of and I may never successfully sell a book to an agent or publisher, but I’ll always be a bodybuilder and obsessed with fitness. This is a lifestyle I am eager to live for as long as my body allows. I’m talking ten, twenty, thirty years down the road. You see, this isn’t some ‘new year, new me’ crap that you might see from other people. This is 24/7/365 for me. I still love books too.

Anyway, now you know a little more about the person behind this blog you love so much. Keep reading and maybe I’ll reveal something else in the future. Maybe.

And don’t get all angry at me for not writing about books today. I’ll get back to the good stuff tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “The Side of me You Don’t Know

  1. That is fascinating! I had a friend in college that was a bodybuilder. Until I met him I always thought bodybuilders were meat heads that only cared about lifting weights and having bigger muscles then the guy beside him. I was very inexperienced in the world and only knew what I saw in shows. lol


    • I’d be lying if I said you were way off on your assessment, you’re not. I mean, at home and with most of my guy friends you’ll just about always hear me talking about training or eating or something of the like. I don’t talk about books with too many people in person. Maybe like two. And only one or two people I know read my blog.


  2. Interesting. I pushed around the same amount of weight this morning but that was just my warm up. For my actual workout I pump more weight than is available in the gym. Ha ha ha. Just kidding. Please don’t crush my skull.

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  3. It’s a shame that you can’t be your weight lifting self AND your bookish self when you go to the gym. A guy who takes care of himself and is also intelligent is the ideal guy for most women. Too bad the two are rarely mutually exclusive. The same can be said for women, too. Take care of yourself and have a brain! It’s not that hard! Lol.

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    • Haha well it’s not that. I mean, EVERYONE I know knows I wrote a book. And a lot of people bought it, but they’re not actively interested in my writing another one. And EVERYONE I know personally knows about my training. It’s just that most are interested in one or the other and not both.


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