The Faces of my Characters

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I’m really starting to realize that blogging is all about copying someone else. Cause this is another post that I’ve seen on another blog in which the author introduces you to their characters via pictures and short descriptions. Well, time for y’all to meet mine! Even though I think I can count on one finger how many of my followers have actually read my book. But, let’s talk about them anyway.


Andrew Banks is the protagonist of my stories. And he’s me. But physically we aren’t the same. If you happened to read my post from yesterday you’ll see that. He’s taller. Bigger. And he’s White. I thought of finding a picture of me to use for this anyway, but I realized that I don’t take pictures. Ever. So you’ll just have to use your imagination for him. I’d call him a mix of Mark Wahlberg and The Rock.

He’s smart. He has a master’s degree in criminal justice. He’s 27 at the start of the first book in the series. He’s never left the city in which he was born, Houston. He struggles with decisions that force him to put his morals aside. He has an inherent need to help every person who walks into his office. He has a library of books in his office that he uses to pass the time when he’s not working on a case. And he would rather die than see harm come to his longtime girlfriend, Sydney.


Before I talk about Sydney the character I have to talk about Sydney the girl you see here. Just a little. Don’t ask me what that face is, cause I don’t know. Ha. I let her pick the picture and this is what I got. I think she was trying to represent her character when she took this? Maybe. Anyway, pretend that she didn’t have her glasses on here. And look at her eyes. Seriously, I’ve probably told her eight million times how wonderful they are. Not even kidding. I mean, blonde hair, blue eyes is great and all, but blonde hair, green eyes is SO much better! There’s a lot more to her than her eyes, but that’s all you get by way of intro. Just look at them one more time before reading on! Okay, you can continue.

Sydney the character looks exactly the same as Sydney in the picture. And she’s highly intelligent. She’s a nurse. She’s overly sarcastic. She’s independent. She’s absolutely hilarious. She’s a little moody at times. She gets jealous REALLY easily. I’d say it’s her height. She’s little. She wants to protect Andrew as much as he wants to protect her. She cooks. She’s fit. She makes Andrew carry her around. A LOT. And she wears the pants in their relationship. And she’s always reading something. No wonder they get along so well. AND she’s my favorite character I’ve written. She’s 22 at the start of the first book in the series.


I’m not sure how we got polar opposites with these pictures here. One is more playful and this is like “THIS IS MY SERIOUS FACE.” Ha. Again, I let him pick the picture. I only stipulated that it show his hair clearly. He claims to have great hair. You be the judge.

Nathan the character will be known to you in the book as Fox. He’s a homicide detective working with the Houston Police Department. He looks like this guy you see here, but imagine about 25 years older. I aged him in the story in order to give him a bit of experience working in the criminal justice system. He met Andrew in college and they remained in touch afterward. He also has a master’s degree in criminal justice. He’s English. His cubicle at police headquarters is covered in Liverpool memorabilia. He’s Andrew’s go-to guy for everything when it comes to a case. Fox is the guy who will ultimately vouch for Andrew in the event something catastrophic happens.

Hunter David

ImageThis is not someone I know. This is a picture of IFBB pro bodybuilder, Jay Cutler.

Hunter David, on the other hand is the bad guy. I won’t tell you much about him other than a few things. He’s a millionaire. He’s bad. And he doesn’t care what happens to anyone in his way. As I wrote the story, this picture is exactly what I had in mind for him.


ImageHere we have a picture of Melanie Iglesias. Can you say breathtaking? Cause I can and I will. She is breathtaking. Okay, I’ll stop.

Alejandra is a major minor character. She’s the mother of Andrew’s first client, who’s quite young. I wasn’t going to include her in this post until I realized I had the perfect celebrity to match what I came up with in the book. She is Melanie up there. I mean, the first time Andrew meets her she has on an eerily similar outfit. Andrew even makes a remark during the course of the book that she knows she makes other women self-conscious instantly. I don’t have much by way of character traits and things of that nature. She cries. She laughs. She hugs Andrew. Multiple times. That’s about it.

So there you have SOME of the characters from my first book. It’s clearly not an exhaustive list, but it’s sufficient for this post. What do you think of these wonderful faces?

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60 thoughts on “The Faces of my Characters

  1. Nicee! I think I might try doing one of these. Just gotta find the pics… I’d like to see if you could find one of Andrew! So do you base your main characters off of yourself and other people you know?


    • You should read more of my posts, lady. Haha. Andrew’s going to be hard to find. Just think of someone taller and bigger than Wahlberg but not the giant who is The Rock. Haha.

      And yes. Five characters in my first book were based off people I know. Andrew is me. Then Sydney and Nathan you see here were both major characters. And two more not pictured.


      • Right after I posted that I saw your blog pretty much answering my question lol. When I wrote my first novel I did the same thing! All my friends and I were in it except I changed our names


      • Well the two in this post will be in every book of the series. And I think it’s a great way to tell someone “Hey. You’re awesome. Be in my book.” There are two more in my second book too


      • Yeah it’s definitely fun to find out you’re awesome enough to be fiction! Is the second book the one you’re getting an agent for?


      • Trying to get an agent for*

        Yep. If I ever had a writer friend come to me and say, “You know, you’ve been really great about my writing stuff. Can I put you in a book?” First I’d scream yes. Then I’d cry. Hahaha

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I thought about doing similar to this too! I think I will because I love this!! Really get a good idea of your characters…and your book sounds really interesting just from reading what the characters are like! LOVE IT


  3. Well… I think Nathan (Fox) does have cool hair. You may pass along my compliments.

    Cool idea! But I’ll have to steal all my pics off Google since nobody I know is the physical representation of my characters. I’ve got a thing for the unattainable, I guess. All mine are based off of famous people, though I ‘uglify’ them a bit to seem closer to human standards.


  4. Oh. Hunter is the bad guy? Aw. A really hot name gone to waste. Hahaha. I like your characters, btw. And it’s great we can picture them now. πŸ™‚


  5. Nice! That’s a good idea. I’ll have to do that with my book’s main characters. I don’t have pictures of people I know, but I guess I can “borrow” them off the internet, lol. I always like having a visual of a book’s characters but it doesn’t always live up to your imagination so that could be good or bad I guess.


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