Literary Characters who Should Die

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I love books. You love books. We know that. But we’ve also all read characters in books who we just wanted to push off the side of a cliff for any number of reasons. Don’t shake your head. Yes you have. Liar.

Anyway, why don’t I just start listing off the characters I’ve disliked so much that I wanted to dedicate an entire post to them.

Draco Malfoy

I actually have a friend who loves Draco. We used to randomly discuss HP and it was before I’d read any of the books and she banned me from ever having an opinion on the series. So what do you think I did, I only talked about the one character I knew she adored, Draco. Ew. What was she thinking. I HATE Draco. Seriously. Yes, I’ve only read the first book in the series, but I already hate him even more than before! The worst part is that she loves Tom Felton too. Huh? But really, Draco should just die. Like right now. I don’t have anything more to say about him.


You know those books you’re looking forward to reading and you end up being utterly disappointed? That was me when I read Hit Man by Lawrence Block. If you’re unaware, Lawrence Block is a Grand Master with the Mystery Writers of America. He has a large body of work and he’s won eight Edgar Awards. He’s the real deal. So imagine me when I found his series revolving around an assassin by the name of Keller. I thought I’d found a new author and series to read for years to come. Wrong. The book was so bad. I did finish, but man was it awful. Keller would assassinate a random person pretty much every chapter. He wasn’t funny. Likeable. Or anything but boring. Suffice it to say that I won’t be buying another of Mr. Block’s books and definitely not in the Keller series.

Kinsey Millhone

Do not yell at me for this. I am well aware how popular the alphabet series by Sue Grafton is. And I know that Kinsey is Sue Grafton. There have been 23 books written in the series so far, I’ve read letters A-F and S in the series. There’s a book for every letter through W. I’ve always read such raving reviews about her attention to detail and how great Kinsey is as a character. I just don’t feel the same way. At all. I’ve had the book for G on my TBR shelf for years. Years! I’ve started and stopped it twice! To me, Kinsey is awkward and mediocre at her job as a private investigator. She’s not as funny as she thinks. And she drives, at least in the books I’ve read, a Volkswagon Beetle. I mean, no. Just no. But what do I know, right? Not like her books are consistently #1 NYT bestsellers or anything.

President Snow

All you THG fans better feel the same as I do about this guy. Seriously, look what he puts Katniss and Peeta through. Sure, they defied the capitol in their first Games, but EVERYONE loves them! And then to personally threaten her family before she begins her Victory Tour. No. President Snow, go in the arena and eat some poison berries or shoot a fireball at yourself. That’s about all you deserve. I think Donald Sutherland is great as Snow in the movies. To be fair.

Okay, now I’d LOVE to hear about some of the characters you’ve forced yourself to read who you thought were ugly and disgusting and just bad. Tell me!

53 thoughts on “Literary Characters who Should Die

  1. I agree with President Snow. I hated that man so much. But I have to disagree with Draco. He is just a rich boy scared out of his mind. Though, when Hermione punched him I felt a sense of victory. The rest I don’t know.

    As for my own list, it’s very short. Neferet in The House of Night Series by P.C. Cast that I am guessing you have never read and possibly never heard of.

    Stephen King has this wonderful character that shows up in a few of his books named Randall Flagg. I say wonderful because he is wonderful at being the bad guy. Truly a nightmare.

    Ellasbeth Withon and Nick Sparagmos From The Hollows Series by Kim Harrison. Nick actually died in the last book though, and it was a very sweet moment.

    That was fun. I didn’t realize how many characters I hated…


  2. Ahhh, I have to say I disagree on the Draco front, too. Yeah, he’s an asshole, and I may not like him all that much, but I wouldn’t want to push him off a cliff. But that’s just me.


  3. My friend, who is a dedicated HP fan loves Draco too, I don’t hate him as much as you, but I definitely think he should have died as opposed to some of the others, like Sirius, and Lupin, and every other decent person who died in that series.
    The one character who I have passionately hated was Amy from Gone Girl, I only finished that book hoping her husband would actually kill her, but no it never happened! I have to give the author props for making such a great character, because she is, but I still wanted her to die a slow painful death.


      • Well, he’s not as evil as a lot of the others in the series, and he’s slightly conflicted about his actions. He’s certainly not my favorite, but I’m just saying there are a lot of other people to hate in those books.
        I personally don’t like Snape as much as a lot of other people. Everyone thinks he redeemed himself for being such a douche the whole time because he loves Harry’s mom, but I’m like “ya, he loves his mom, he still hates Harry! He only did it to try and redeem himself to her, and she married someone else, get over her already!”


      • I just think when you look at all the characters who died or who were put through hell in those books that he deserves no sympathy. At all.

        Ahahaha Snape. He’s okay in my eyes.


  4. Draco is a nasty git. ‘Nuff said.

    I agree about President Snow.

    Haven’t read the other peeps.

    I love this post. Maybe I can “borrow” the topic for a future post? I honestly can’t think of anyone right now that I wish had died. I guarantee there are some, but it’ll take me a few days to think of them.


  5. I actually liked Draco towards the end. I rather pitied him, and felt sad for him somehow. I don’t think that he deserved to die. I think it is good that Rowling didn’t let him die, because he is actually a quite childish boy. She is showing him as the first villain of the books, but then the reader realizes that there are far worse characters than him. And that it is never easy distinguishing between good and bad, because the bad ones have weak sides as well.
    But who I hated abysmally was Dolores Umbridge!!! She was the worst character I have read about! I hated her more than Voldemort, more than Bellatrix, and more than any other Death Eater. She was horrible, and so hypocritical.


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