The Mother’s Day Post

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Okay, I’m sure if you scroll down your Reader that you’ll find SO many Mother’s Day posts, and you’ll likely read some and skip right over others because one can only soak in so much of the Mother’s Day spirit via WordPress. Hopefully you’ll find mine interesting enough to read all the way through.

So, before I get into the main part of this post you should know something about me. I HATE celebrating anything. I don’t get people gifts for their birthdays. I don’t do anything for my birthday. I’m not a fan of holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving. Maybe this is because I don’t have anyone to celebrate with like a girlfriend or wife or someone like I know many of you do? I don’t know. But my take on celebrating anything is irrelevant because today isn’t “John Guillen Day,” right? Of course, if you’re a true reader of my blog then you read my post last week titled Help Wanted! in which I wrote 1400 words about a single person. Yeah, oh well. All I can say is that there are people who trump whatever I do or don’t believe in. My friend Stephany being one of those select few. But she already had her day in the limelight, let me get back to today’s post.

This last week of posts has been quite a bit out of the norm when it comes to my blogging. I had my first ever guest post. I wrote a post about someone who I am lucky enough to have in my life. And now you’re about to get one about my mom. Hey, I guess there’s more to life than book stuff. Might as well go ahead and get the good stuff started.

Before I really begin, though, let me tell you guys something about my mom. She is without a doubt THE hardest working person I’ve ever known. She’s worked multiple jobs longer than she should have to. She’s gotten hurt on the job multiple times, in my opinion, not because she’s incapable of working, but because she’s worn out. Sure they’d all be considered accidents, but accidents happen less frequently when you’re able to work fresh. Okay, now let’s start.


I could have gone to HEB and gotten you a dozen roses, maybe a balloon, and a Hallmark card written horribly. But I didn’t do any of those because I think WordPress is a greater avenue to express myself than any of those things could. Cards are read and discarded. Flowers die rather quickly. And a balloon is pointless. So, here we go. Get the tissues ready.

Mom, let me tell you about a conversation I’ve had several times with Brandon. For my WordPress readers, he’s my about to be 21-year-old brother. We’ve both made it quite clear that above everyone else, you should be taken care of when either or both of us is able. I know my writing has earned me a grand total of hardly anything at this point and Brandon is still some time away from that engineering degree we both know he’ll be getting, but you absolutely should not have to work as hard as you do. So the next time you tell me to get a real job instead of writing, you should know that writing is a more difficult job than any regular 9-5 I can think of. And it’s what I hope will enable me to one day show up at your doorstep and tell you that you no longer have to work. Will that ever happen? I can’t say, but don’t tell me I’m not working toward something more important than myself.

Also, my behavior and comments may come across as unappreciative or even downright disrespectful at times, but I’d encourage you not to confuse day-to-day interaction and communication with the bigger picture. I can’t speak for Tina. Or Brandi. Or Adri. Or Brandon. Or even dad, but I can tell you that I am fully aware of what you’ve done for me and for this family. So don’t mind that everyone in this family seems to keep away throughout the year until Christmas, you’ve done an incredible job with all of us. And you should be proud of that because I’m proud to call you my mom.

So yes, maybe you’ll have to work a full day today, but give me some time. And Brandon. We’ll see that you’re the one who gets taken care of. Because no one deserves it more than you.

Love you, mom.

Happy Mother’s Day

8 thoughts on “The Mother’s Day Post

  1. John Raymond you have just made my day!! I LOVE you , Christina, Brandi, Adriana, and Brandon from the bottom of my heart. I am the proudest mother. I tell everyone about all of you and what you have done !!!! Seeing it in writing has made me feel like the best mom ever. I have done everything for all of you because I wanted you to have what I never did. I hope that you know that if writing is what makes you happy l will back you up till you get there and the same goes for Brandon and Brandi….
    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

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