Authors, Tell me the Titles of Your Books!

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I’ve been wanting to write this post for some time now. The basic premise is that so many authors are on WordPress and happen to read my blog sometimes, and many of them have written books of their own. I’ve been really bad about reading the books written by other WordPress bloggers. Really bad. Just ask Melissa, I think she might hate me because I have her book but it’s not been fully read. Don’t hate me, please!

Anyway, I haven’t read a single book written by a WordPress blogger. I know, I know. I’m a horrible blogging bud, but I haven’t been reading much this year. Just look at my What I’m Reading page as proof. But there are a number of books I’ve looked up on Amazon and considered buying, but didn’t.

So before I release the floodgates and let all of you throw your book titles at me, let me tell you what I will not be reading at all. It’s nothing against you if you write any of these kinds of books, but my books are my most prized possessions and I think I have every right to limit what makes the cut to join my little library. I will not read anything related to God. I’m atheist, remember? Won’t be reading erotica, which if you’ve followed my blog for any amount of time then you likely could have assumed this. And I won’t read anything non-fiction. I couldn’t tell you the last time I read a non-fiction book before I read Anne Frank earlier this year. So I think that’s it, I’m pretty much open to anything else.

One more thing for you guys to know, I won’t be writing reviews for any book I might buy. If you’d like to ask me questions about your book should I choose to buy and read it, then go right ahead, but I really just want to read some of what you all have written. I’m not looking to critique your work.

Last thing, I swear, I am only one person. I can’t buy every book suggested no matter how much I like you all. So your book better have a REALLY good description on Amazon! Oh, and it has to be available from Amazon for me to consider buying it.

Okay guys, that’s it! Tell me the titles of books you all have written! You can just put the title of the book or you can include a very very very very brief blurb. NO LINKS! I won’t approve the comment if there’s a link.

52 thoughts on “Authors, Tell me the Titles of Your Books!

  1. Sorry, nothing published as of yet. Probably due to lack of courage coupled with the fact I have so many ideas popping up that I can’t keep up! I will post once I finish the three I am trying to finish. (I’m a pagan so some are about that, some about witches and one about angels πŸ™‚ ) Liking the books, doesn’t mean you have to be of that particular belief system. I read all sorts unless they get too preachy! πŸ™‚

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  2. Taste of Desire. It’s a paranormal romance (vampires, but not the sparkly kind). I have not published yet nor finished the whole story. I upload parts of it on my blog. Hope you get around to it at some point. Thank you!


  3. I’ve got two…
    Jaxxa Rakala: The Search is a science-fiction space adventure (Book two is due out later this year… currently writing that one!).
    Year of the Songbird is a utopian/dystopian type novel… but not YA by any means (even though the protagonist is sixteen).
    (I have a third, In the Light of the Eclipse, which is a YA dystopian story, but I’m not sure if you’d be up for that one… though, you can check out the blurb, maybe I’m wrong!)
    Thanks for giving us all this forum to promote our stuff! Very cool. Happy reading. Hope you like everything you choose to get!


  4. “…my books are my most prized possessions and I think I have every right to limit what makes the cut to join my little library” – agreed! And life is too short to read something you don’t enjoy.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog recently, I’m in the process of having a nosy around yours.


  5. Ok my books! First of all the Storm series – Echoes of a Storm, Scions of the Storm, A dark and hungry Storm, Tales for a storm filled night, Tales of Solomon Pace, The Moonlight Dance.
    Then we have – The Y front Chronicles, The Y Front Standoff.
    If you want to read any of my work, I would suggest the ‘The Moonlight Dance” the cover is fantastic, its cheap and contains a fantastic character.


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