Introduction of my TBR Piggy!

Ahahaha I seriously love the title of this post.

So recently I’ve started following some Booktubers on Twitter. I think that’s what you call those book vlogger people on YouTube? Anyway, and of course I read a ton of blogs on here. One of the things that I’ve seen a lot of is a TBR jar. Basically it’s your basic jar and you just write down all the names of the books in your TBR pile and whenever you want to add a little spice to your reading game you just pick out a title from the jar. I’ll still be following my own rules of how I pick my next book to read, but I’ve been wanting to make one of these for some time now. I’m just lazy.

My jar isn’t really a jar. It’s a piggy! Hahaha it actually has a lot of loose change in it right now, but I’m about to dump it all out and get my TBR book titles in there. I hope I have someplace for all that change. So that’s all I have for you today. Sorry for the short post, it was definitely rushed and I actually have to work tonight. Ugh to that.

The first book out of the TBR piggy is…Where Serpents Lie by T. Jefferson Parker. I started this awhile back but didn’t finish it. Guess I have to now.

Just look how cute he is.


27 thoughts on “Introduction of my TBR Piggy!

  1. lol as a mom and a house keeper i must say… MAKE YOUR BED! lol, sorry i had to, just kidding though


      • Well, I own about 1600 books and have only read a few hundred of them. I also just started working in a new library, so… most of the books in the library? Plus I had a pretty big list of library books I already wanted to check out. I’m a regular customer in two different county library networks. I have a big wishlist too but I wouldn’t be able to just draw a name and dig into one of those.

        I have a problem.


      • Ahahaha you’re addicted! You need a TBR pool! Just write all the titles down, then find a pool to drain of its water, then throw them in, then dive in and come out with one!


      • πŸ˜€ I’d start spending all my time curating my title pool!

        I have all my personal books cataloged on Librarything, so I could go the high-tech route and use a random number generator to pick one out…


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