A Literary Tattoo? I Think Yes!


I decided a few weeks ago that I want to get a literary tattoo. Hopefully before the year is over. Remember, I LOVE tattoos and already have three of them. But you’re probably thinking what the heck would I want to get from a book? Well, let’s talk about that.

You guys should already know that I have a quill writing in an open book on my left forearm. I’ve mentioned this in at least one previous post. I got this exactly one year ago today. It was my graduation present to myself because I was now ready to start writing. You can judge me all you want, but I love it. And then back in March I got my university’s logo on my left wrist. Some people love this one, and others are like huh? Again, I love it, so go think whatever you want to think elsewhere. I have a third one, but I’m not telling what it is. I was 18 and stupid. But at least it’s not visible.

So now let me tell you which items or objects I’m considering getting that come from literary works

The Mockingjay Pin

I think some people would probably call it a little girly or make some smart remark once I explained what it was, but let’s be clear, no one I tell about it is going to say anything too outrageous because I’m bodybuilder and everyone who sees me knows it. I’d just throw them. But really, these books are obviously my favorite series, and it’s not like I’m talking about getting Katniss’s face or something. The mockingjay pin is small and plenty of people probably wouldn’t even know what it is until I tell them. Can you believe I actually know people who haven’t even seen the movies?! I don’t know how that’s possible.

The Elder Wand

This wouldn’t make for the greatest tattoo ever because it’d look much like an ordinary stick, but how cool would that be to have the Elder Wand on me?! Don’t answer because people who hate tattoos are judgmental and I don’t like them. Anyway, the one other tattoo from HP would be the deathly hallows symbol. I don’t think I’d get both, but who knows. They would both be small and could fit anywhere on my body now.

I’d also consider quotes from either series. But probably not because I already have one quote I want to get at some point and I don’t want to be covered by a whole bunch of writing. Also, I once considered getting the title of my first book down one forearm and up the other, thank goodness I didn’t do that. Would have been huge.

So all you book peeps, if you’re not of the opinion that tattoos are some kind of evil, would you consider getting any literary tattoos?

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95 thoughts on “A Literary Tattoo? I Think Yes!

  1. I love the idea of the Hunger Games pin, I think it would make a great tattoo. Maybe with your favorite quote underneath? I love tattoo’s I have a one already and have been planning more for a while, just need to wait until I have enough spare cash saved up.


  2. I would definitely get a literary tattoo. I actually like the tattoo that Tris has in Divergent, but I already have birds with one of my other tattoos πŸ™‚


  3. I have three tattoos. My newest one, while not technically literary, is about writing. It’s a shortened song lyric, “To Write These Words Down.”

    It’s the name of my blog, but it’s also a reminder to myself that writing is the one thing I have to do. I don’t believe in meant to be’s… but I do believe that my calling is writing.

    I’ve considered getting a Truffula tree from the Lorax. Or a Allomantic symbol from the Mistborn universe. But neither have happened yet.


      • Haha s’ all right. Mistborn is an epic fantasy series by Brandon Sanderson. Quite possibly my favorite book series ever. The magic system is based off different kinds of metals, each one giving the user a different power.

        I know several people with a Deathly Hallows tattoo, but not one with the Hunger Games pin.


  4. I have 8 tattoos! I’m addicted what can I say! I think literary tattoos are an awesome idea, even if it’s just your favorite lines. 90 percent of tattoo’s are awesome. I’m currently planning my wrist tat! Good luck!


      • I have a giant pink and black star on my right calve, a huge tribal butterfly on my right thigh, a moon and stars left of my belly button, my favorite song is my chest tat, a pink tribal heart on my right shoulder, and dont hate me but I have a tramp stamp of a heart that I later added each of girls names to as they were born so I count as different tats because the fonts are different!


      • Ew. I have to ask why you’d get the one on your lower back. Before your daughters’ names were added.

        And I think I’d spend a whole lot more just getting there than the tattoo would cost. So no. Lol


      • LOL! I know gas is way to expensive! But he does great work so if you ever happen to wonder up north a few states let me know.
        ok as far as the back tattoo, so I used to be in to girls and my girlfriend was into tattoos. She drew the one on my stomach and the heart for the back tattoo then I caught her cheating 2 weeks later so when I got married the first time and had my oldest I started adding to it to give it a new meaning then that whore. I warned you I was crazy.


      • I know right! all of my tattoos have a story to tell! This year I’m going to get a wrist tat, I’m just not sure yet!


      • Wow, I never thought about that, lol you make me giggle John! I bet I could draw out a really wicked strawberry too


  5. I have to say, even though I do love Harry Potter and The Hunger Games, I would never consider getting anything so permanent like a tattoo of them, because right now and perhaps for the next few years, the tattoos will remind of your favourite book, but sooner or later in your life it’s likely that you will find a different favourite book that you love even more than these book series, and then you may discover that The Hunger Games has ‘got old’ and become a tad tedious and so, with a heavy heart, you end up regretting the tattoo because even though it meant alot to you when you first got it, now it is just a reminder of how times change, and in a way, how you change, because what you once liked, you now like much less. That’s just my opinion though!:) I’m sure they’ll look nice and stuff if you get them of course! πŸ™‚


    • No. Books aren’t the same as other things. I had the same favorite book forever until I read Anne Frank this year. I’ll always be obsessed with both series. Even twenty years from now.


      • (I’m not trying to argue with you or discourage you from getting the tattoo I’m just trying to prove my point btw!)
        But how do you know you’ll still be obsessed with them in twenty years? For example, The Hunger Games were a huge part of my life for a good 4 years, I ran fan pages, made edits, had tshirts, posters, you name it.. In that time I would have totally agreed with you, but a few months before Catching Fire came out, THG just lost it’s spark for me. I think I’d just become too infatuated and became bored eventually. Of course, I still will go and see the movies and I do still like the series, but before, I would have (If was thinking of getting a tattoo) got the tattoo and now I’d be regretting it. It’d be sort of like having the name of say, a friend who I chatted to every now and then and liked, but wasn’t especially close with, tattooed on my arm now. I never expected myself to stop being obsessed with the hunger games, but I did, randomly. I’m just saying you can never be sure that in 20 years time you will still love that tattoo and the meanings behind it as much as you do now.


    • I never understood this point. People say stuff like, “what if your taste changes and it just reminds you of being young and stupid?” Well, isn’t that WONDERFUL? Remembering how it was, being young and irresponsible, when life was a road disappearing in the distance and you felt like you were at the beginning of it? And remembering that that book, that particular book, once meant so much to me that I wanted to have a reminder on me forever – isn’t that beautiful? That we change but our tattoos don’t make them a cherished relic of years gone by. I think it’s great.

      Oh, and before someone asks; “but what about when you get old?” Let these tattooed senior citizens answer that for you: http://imgur.com/a/y8k0L


  6. I want a tattoo from my favorite series. It’s a pack tattoo that shows which pack of wolves you belong to. I have wanted it for a while now, but I am still looking for a good artist to ink me. I have three tattoos but none of the artist are worthy of such an important tattoo. Actually, the three that I do have need some work. For now I am stuck getting small, cute, but meaningless tattoos until I can find my perfect artist to do the important stuff.


    • Yeah my two on my left arm are small, so I went to a place close to my house. They both look great, but I have an artist picked out for the really big stuff I want. So I understand your dilemma.


  7. I’ll never personally get a tattoo, but I have nothing against other people doing it. In fact, tattoos, tribal art, and body art are at the basis of dozens of modern and ancient cultures. It’s nothing new, ya know?

    I like all of the above ideas, but you seem set on the Mockingjay pin, so I say go for it. But… who says you can’t get both??? At least, sometime in the future if you like them so much.

    And don’t kill me… but I still haven’t seen Catching Fire. I know! Terrible of me. I rarely go to the theater anymore, and buying movies just isn’t high on my list of financial priorities right now. I do want to see it, though. I love those books. They were the only books where I was traumatized and couldn’t read another book for a week. Usually, I move right from one book to another without a minute’s rest. It was epic. And I’ve never experienced another traumatic series after-burn like that. (Although they’re not my favorite books ever, they’re definitely in the top 5).


  8. I personally wouldn’t get a tattoo of any sort, but I think the Mockingjay one is more artistic than the HP one. Personal opinion. Honestly, why aren’t there more interesting artwork from fiction? I mean, when all you can think of is Harry Potter, Hunger Games, or maybe Twilight… that’s pretty sad. There has to be more than just script that you can use. Right? I totally blanked when I was trying to think of something else literary anyone could tattoo and I have absolutely nothing.


  9. Such a fun idea!!! I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a tattoo for years now, but I’ve been stopped by A) the fact that I don’t know what I want, and B) my hilariously low pain tolerance. I love the idea of a literary tattoo, though! I personally vote for something HP-related, mostly because it’s my favorite series on the planet and has a host of gorgeous imagery you could use.


    • You should get one! They don’t really hurt that much. Certain places more so than others. I wonder if anyone has ever gotten their entire back as Hogwarts? I bet they have and I bet it’s epic.


      • What, like a Marauder’s Map style tattoo? If not for the cost and pain factor, I would TOTALLY do that. And I should reiterate that my pain tolerance is abysmal, so I don’t think tattoos and I are going to be friends, lol. Maybe I should try getting a tiny one to see how it goes. Tiny tattoo ideas … hmmmm …


      • Like the castle! I just looked and it doesn’t seem like a good idea. Only like one or two had any real detail. The others were just the outkine.

        Get a peace sign. Haha it’s nothing but a circle.


  10. I was also thinking about a harry potter tattoo. And I also thought about the symbol of the deathly hallows, but a triangle nowadays is the sign of all those hipsters :’D So am not sure yet. But the elder wand is a great option actually. Never thought of that. Or the footsteps of the marauder’s map. or the snitch. or the timeturner. or an owl, which is yet another trend motive πŸ˜€


  11. I have no tattoos myself (yet) but I love them. You should get the elder wand why not? Sounds cool. I want a quote from Battlestar Galactica if I ever get around to it and perhaps something from Harry Potter as well


  12. Cool tattoosπŸ˜ƒ. Really like the deathly hallows tatto. I’m actually getting a deathly hallow tattoo tomorrow. I”m been considering it for a long time now. After I got my last tatto I decided if I ever could afford a new tattoo it would be something from the HP univers. HP books meant a great deal for me growing up and they’re one of my favourite book series.

    I wondered if you designed your tatto your self? I can’t decide on deathly hallows design and wondered if I could show the tatto artist your design and maybe he put his own touch on it. πŸ˜€πŸ˜„


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