First Year Blogging Anniversary & May Recap


Let’s first start with a quick recap of the month of May. April had been what I could only describe as a ridiculous month for me in terms of the amount of interaction that took place on this here blog of mine. And guess what? For the third month in a row I’ve set records for Likes, comments, and site views. Of course, it isn’t all about those things, but I don’t think a blog can be successful without a real audience, and I feel I definitely have that now. Let’s take a quick look at the numbers before I discuss my thoughts about my first year of blogging. The previous record will be in parenthesis.

Posts: 25 (26)

Likes: 584 (500)

Comments: 2121 (1092)

New followers: 365 (511)

Let me take a deep breath. Okay. 2121 comments?!?!?! Last month I thought 1092 was a stupidly high number and then BAM the number doubled. Holy mother of all things blogging. This is simply insanity. That is all.

Top Post

Reading Multiple Books at Once

Favorite Post

Help Wanted!

Post You May Have Missed

Introduction of my TBR Piggy!

I’d normally throw in a little commentary, but instead let’s just move on to talk about my first year of blogging.

I received the notification I knew was coming yesterday from WordPress telling me that I’d registered on the site exactly one year ago. This blog has been a huge delight since I first started it. I remember thinking how in the heck would I ever get people to read it. Then on my first ever blog post I think I got my first follower. She’s from Australia, but I checked recently and she hasn’t blogged in months. Oh well. No point in being sentimental about it.

Anyway, the major thing that’s happened during my first year of blogging has nothing to do with any of my 175 posts. I keep saying it, and I’ll keep saying it until you guys really realize it, but it’s all about the people I get to interact with everyday. Sure, many of you seem to disagree with me on just about every topic I write about, but that’s okay. Just don’t yell at me. I’m no good with that. I’ll just kick you in the shin and be done with you.

I’ve linked to this post a bunch in previous posts because it’s far and away my most popular post I’ve written. It has like five times the number of views as the second most popular, which was the top post from May. That’s crazy.

Print vs. E-Book: Which side are you on?

Thanks guys, for a great first year of blogging. Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere.


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