Saturday Selects: The perfection we all know as Jennifer Lawrence


Each time I write one of these posts, I feel obligated to let the newbies to my blog in on what exactly they’re all about. My Saturday Selects series of posts occur on the first Saturday of each month and cover a topic that is unrelated to books that I feel like writing about. This time around I’m going to tell you all about the wonderful Jennifer Lawrence.

Now I sincerely hope that you need no further introduction besides her name, although I had one person comment on my About Me page just a couple of weeks ago congratulating me on my marriage to Jennifer. Folks, this is a dream and if it ever came true I’d leave all of you in a minute because I wouldn’t be able to spend more than eight seconds away from her side. So, since there are some people in the world who have no idea who one of the most famous actresses in the world is, let me rattle off a few of her major movies that most people would instantly recognize her from. X-Men: First Class. X-Men: Days of Future Past. The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. I really shouldn’t have to go any further. Silver Linings Playbook. American Hustle. Okay, there are a few more movies, but these are the big boys of the group. If you still have no idea who she is, then just leave now.

Let me tell you about how I came to fall in love with this woman. It was a dark and stormy night, wait, just kidding, It was 2012. I had just finished reading The Hunger Games just days before the movie’s release. Remember, before I read the book I had no idea what the series was about or that there was going to be a movie or anything at all. I just knew my brother kept telling me to read the damn thing. So I eventually did. I’ve finished the book and for some reason did a little Google searching about it and discover this smoking hot blonde who is set to be Katniss in the upcoming theatrical release. I had no idea who she was. I hadn’t seen the first X-Men movie, nor was there any name recognition. Guess what I did first? I texted my brother who had gotten me to read the book and told him that this Jennifer Lawrence person was NOT Katniss. Way too sexy. Way too sexy. Way too sexy. Okay, maybe I didn’t type it exactly like that, but it was something similar. I pictured Katniss as a girl who looked like she’d had a tough life. Who was rarely happy. And who was stronger than anyone I’d probably ever met. Jennifer Lawrence looked like she belonged on the cover of a magazine or something.

Oh but what a difference a movie makes. I saw the first movie on its release day, of course, and fell in love. Jennifer Lawrence was Katniss just as much as I’m me. I left the theater that day knowing what I had to do. I had to find out everything I possibly could about Jennifer Lawrence. And I have.

In my opinion, though I’m sure some of you may disagree, she doesn’t act how you might expect someone to act in her position. In a few short years she’s become a superstar in Hollywood. What I mean is that you can Google search any interview she’s done in recent years and she’s herself in every single one of them. She’s sarcastic, hilarious, obnoxious, and even blunt at times. She doesn’t act like she’s better than anyone, she makes fun of herself all the time, AND she’s a great actress. How can you not be in love with her?

The one thing that I’ve heard more recently than ever before is that perhaps we’re getting tired of her act. That she’s had her time as America’s sweetheart and now we’re moving on to someone who doesn’t act or speak the way she does. The name I’ve seen as her replacement is Lupita Nyong’o. I think she’s great, but no. If people want to claim that it’s all an act that has run out of steam with the public, then that’s fine. But let’s not forget that she’s as sure a bet as there is for consistently great acting performances. I don’t think we’ll be forgetting about her anytime soon.

If you’re wondering at my reaction to her Oscar win in 2013, this was it, “YEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH.” No sarcasm or exaggeration. And yes, I was on my feet. Lastly, if I ever met her somehow, let me tell you what would happen. First, I would cry. Second, my heart would stop beating. Third, she would revive me using CPR. Then we’d get married and Mr. Hoult would be out of a female companion.

I’ll leave you with some pictures.

Oh my goodness. In looking for pictures of my main lady for you all, I found one of those things where they merge the faces of two people. It was her and Emma Watson and holy mother of perfection, I couldn’t look away!












Jennifer Lawrence poses at the 85th Academy Awards nominees luncheon in Beverly Hills

Seriously guys, tell me this last picture isn’t BEYOND any word there is to describe physical appearance. Stunning. Gorgeous. Breathtaking, Beautiful. Sexy. No. None of them are adequate. Simply perfection, in more ways than one.

30 thoughts on “Saturday Selects: The perfection we all know as Jennifer Lawrence

  1. Love your enthusiasm.
    But anyway, I have never seen any of her movies, yet I think she is the big thing going. Not only is she a great actress (hearsay), but she is very down-to-earth, and isn’t taking anything for granted. She is a regular person, and watching her in her interview with Jack Nicholson coming up behind her just showed how she is still a regular person. She was starstruck when she saw him. She’s in the celebrity world, yet she’s still the innocent girl who is in awe of other actors. She is the perfect actress.


  2. Have you seen Winter’s Bone? This was my first experience watching Jennifer Lawrence and it is by far her best acting. The movie is sad, stark, gritty, and oh so real. JL is brilliant, playing poor white trash living in the hills and trying to navigate a harsh world.


  3. I have Silver Linings Playbook on my dvr, I want to see American Hustle, I know she’s in a film with Bradley Cooper that looks uber cool set in the 30’s (Serena), and I have seen a thing where they said if you could have a woman play Han Solo, she would be the one. (Which I highly agree). While as a woman I can’t look at her the same way, she is very cool for being so young. I like her. So I get your thrill to some degree. For me, my ideal guy is Chris Evans… Oooh, a film with the two of them would be cool… which could happen if Mystique met Captain America…. which wouldn’t happen because the older Mystique is Rebecca Romijn…. I’m stopping. lol


  4. Before I watched The Hunger Games I was curious why everyone was so crazy about Jennifer Lawrence. She was EVERYWHERE. On Tumblr, instagram, on blogs, facebook, and in magazines. Then I watched Hunger Games and right after that Silver Linings, and I can absolutely understand the hype. She is a great actress and a funny person, at least that’s what I could tell after watching interviews of her. And her acting skills are amazing. She is always making those sad, crazy, and mad face expressions that not many actresses would dare doing ๐Ÿ˜€
    And I don’t think that Lupita Nyongโ€™o is something like her replacement. They are both great actresses with different beautiful characteristics. They can’t even be compared. Just because Lupita won the oscar for supporting actress they think to compare them both -.-
    Oh, and the only good thing about American Hustle is Jennifer Lawrence herself :’D the rest of the movie is quite boring..


    • I guess I was living under a rock. I seriously had no earthly idea who she was. I agree about them being so different. But EVERYONE and their mom loves Lupita. Haha


  5. Yep. Just what I expected. And we’ve had the conversation before about how awesome J-Law is. And I compared her to Emma Watson. So I think it’s hilarious that you mentioned them both in this post! Needless to say, you should know where I stand on the whole Jennifer-Lawrence-is-awesomesauce bandwagon.


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