Last Post Until August


Photo Credit: BostInno

It’s going to be about two months until my next post on here. Hopefully you’ll find your entertainment and book related news elsewhere during my extended absence. You’re probably wondering why I won’t be blogging for nearly two months. Well, I’m sure some of you have seen my Bookish Bucket List on here, right? I have a real bucket list and very near the top of it is to attend a World Cup. Now that I have the opportunity to go I figure I might as well get it out of the way because who can up and travel across the world when they work full-time or have a family?

So by the time you read this I’ll likely be touching down in Brazil. Now you’re probably wondering why can’t I just keep blogging from there. Because I’m going to Brazil for the World Cup, not to continue my same routine I have here at home. I don’t see the point of that. I currently have tickets to four games and hopefully will be able to see a few more while there, all depends on ticket situations.

The World Cup ends on July 13, and immediately after I’ll be flying to Europe to get more bucket list items out of the way. Sistine Chapel. Pantheon. And others. I’ll likely just try to see everything I possibly can because this is a once in a lifetime kind of thing.

Lastly, you all know I enjoy blogging quite a bit, but this is the World Cup, there really is no comparison.

See you in August!

13 thoughts on “Last Post Until August

  1. Since you’re already gone (and currently not talking to me because I haven’t seen the movie yet), I suppose I shouldn’t comment, but I’m going to. (But I’ll be really mad if this is another joke like your agent post. Not cool, dude).

    I hope you have an awesome time! What a wonderful opportunity! I fully expect you to come back rejuvenated and raring to go… and with a TON of pics to share!!!


  2. Whaaaaatttt!! NOOOOO!! How am I going to live without your entertaining posts!? You won’t even respond, damn time difference, sniff – sniff 😦 Well make sure to visit when you come back, if I’m out of my depression by then! Have a great time!! ENJOY!!!!


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