Your Ideal Reading Spot


Photo Credit: SFF Outpost

Another short post today, but one that I think you guys can all relate to. I think it’s safe to say that readers will read just about anywhere. On the bus. In the car. On a flight. Between classes at school. Outside under the sun. There really is no place off limits to enjoy a good book. With that being said, I’m near certain that y’all are like me and have that one reading spot where you do the majority of your reading. I know I do. It’s my bed. And I’d say that over 99% of my reading is done while having to lean a little to the right in order for the lamp light to reach the pages of whatever I’m reading. It’s one of the few hassles I don’t mind one bit, even though every once in awhile I’ll have to stretch my fingers because of the sometimes awkward positioning.

Have you seen those awesome reading hammocks and outdoor chairs? I want one.

But I’ll ask you, where is your ideal reading spot to get lost in a book? Please don’t say on the toilet. I’ll just laugh at you and probably not approve the comment.

120 thoughts on “Your Ideal Reading Spot

  1. I bring my Kindle with me everywhere but don’t always get the chance to read. I read to Michael on car trips. I fall asleep if I read on airplanes. My favorite spot to read is my bed. It puts me to sleep quickly if I’m too tired. But, it is where I will crawl into during an afternoon storm or just because, to read.


  2. If I’m involved in a good book, I usually can’t fall asleep without reading in bed. Even if I’m reading during the day, I go up and lay sideways across my bed. It’s comfy spot.


  3. I read in my bed. I have a ton of pillows that I lean up on. But my dream place would be a big bay window in my home library(that I will one day have). Or a pit of pillows. lol


  4. In my bed, all the way. Usually on the left side with my arm propped up underneath me. Even if I start reading somewhere else, I always end up reading in bed. I get carsick reading in the car, which is unfortunate, because I’d get so much reading done on long car trips.


  5. I wish I could read in the car, but alas, motion sickness impedes the enjoyment of the written word. Having just finished a 3000 mile round-trip vacation, reading in the car would have allowed me to finish a few books. Yet, no.


  6. My ideal reading space would be in a huge over-stuffed chair in my own library. Someplace I could go for complete silence.



  7. Definitely in my son’s room in bed – because its nice and sunny. We have no nice reading places in my house, so I’m like a cat chasing the sun when I read !


  8. My favorite place is a couch with a small bench in front of it that I use for a footstool and coffee table. I have my Kindle, my coffee, and a morning snack. I stretch out, prop up my feet and read, drink coffee, and snack. Delightful.


  9. Pretty much anyplace I can hold a book is good for me. But I suppose my favorites are either on some kind of mass transit — a bus, a train, an airplane — where I won’t be seriously bothered by anything, or else the dining area at a fast food place with free refills on self-serve freestyle soda, so I can alternate chapters and Coke Zero with Lemon or the like. I try not to abuse the dining room space.


  10. Number 28 of that photo’s source… so beautiful. I think I’m going to have to get cracking on one of those in my next house (a two bedroom townhouse doesn’t offer a lot of space). Thanks for the link. My fave reading spot is wherever my wife happens to be, sofa or beach or bed, as long as I have earphones so I don’t get sucked into whatever show she’s watching.


  11. My favorite reading spot–somewhere I won’t be distracted or will be quiet. Outside at a park seems nice, with sunglasses because it might be too bright πŸ™‚


  12. Well, my favourite place used to be in that new house I built under a waterfall, but my books kept on getting wet and my iPad electrocuted me, I know, not happy :/ So now I am very boring and read curled up in my rocking chair in front of my gas heather (cause it’s friggin’ freezing here) with an ice cream in my hand. But then I fall asleep and my ice cream melts all over my face and I end up looking like a very tanned Casper, but now I think I’m sharing too much, so sorry.


  13. I love reading in my car — parked, of course. With a hot beverage in winter and cold beverage in the summer. The beverage is vital, otherwise my time is not being efficiently wasted!


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