The June Bug of Blogging


Photo Credit: BrideTide

Seriously, could I have come up with a worse title for this post? Don’t think so.

Anyway, this is my monthly recap in which I discuss the previous month’s posts and interactions with you guys. June was a bit of a let down. In March, April, and May I’d set records pretty much across the board for everything on here, but in June I didn’t set any. It was the first month of 2014 in which I did not improve on the previous month’s record of site views. Don’t go yelling at me that site views are not what blogging is about because I already know this. This month was just a little more work than usual is all I’m saying. Okay. Let’s see what I did. My monthly record will be in parenthesis next to what I did in June.

Posts: 22 (26)

Likes: 523 (584)

Comments: 1624 (2121)

New followers: 289 (511)

You see, no records were in any danger of being broken, but eh it happens that way sometimes. Maybe I need to come up with some better material? Or maybe I should just make this a food blog? Or maybe you guys need to open your eyes? Just kidding. A little.

Top Post

How Important is a Creative Writing Degree?

Favorite Post

Saturday Selects: The perfection we all know as Jennifer Lawrence

Post you may Have Missed

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That’s all guys. Feel free to tell me about your month of blogging or writing or whatever you want. Or don’t.

96 thoughts on “The June Bug of Blogging

  1. It’s been a slow month for me as well. I think it has to do with the weather finally being nice! People are getting out more and doing things. 🙂 At least, that’s what I’ve been telling myself heehee

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  2. Yup, you’re clearly failing, even though your blog is like three times as much as what mine is. But it’s cool. Maybe you could bribe people with coffee to get your stats up. Or just me, whichever.


  3. I like the idea of having a stats post every months. It helps you keep track of your progress and how you’re doing. I think I tried to do a post like that a couple of time, but never really got into it. Good to see it’s working for you and your stats are impressive. P.s. Love your blog!


  4. Thanks for sharing your monthly statistics–I know they are not as good as the previous months, but from the bigger picture, you have more followers, views, etc., so things are moving forward and getting better!


  5. I take offence to how you ended this blog. My eyes are very much open and I’m being very interactive as you can see from the many spamming comments I am making to dent your very neat blog, or do I not count? That’s okay if I don’t because seriously … I get it 🙂


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