Blogging Isn’t Writing


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I’d be willing to bet that I read more blog posts each day or week or month than you do. I know I have no life. It’s okay. But one of the things I see way too much of is that some bloggers seem to think that writing blog posts is the same as creatively writing anything. Uhh no.

Let me just tell you about myself. I can usually write a new chapter in a little less than three hours. We’ll make it easy and say it’s 3,250 words. That’s usually divided into two writing sessions. Now why am I telling you this? Because that is creative writing. A poem or short story is creative writing. So much more goes into any one of them than just the words on the page. But writing a blog post is not in the same category. And if you’re a writer I’d hope you know this.

I fully realize that some bloggers only write on their blogs and that others post their own work, this doesn’t apply to them, but it certainly does apply to all those aspiring authors who have maybe written a book or are currently in the process of doing so. Blogging doesn’t help me write. It doesn’t make me a better writer. And it certainly doesn’t keep in the groove, whatever that is. My writing and my blogging are two separate entities and you would do well to make sure yours are too.

So stop writing all these “Oh I’ve had writer’s block because I haven’t blogged in a month” posts. You’re just busy or lazy or some combination of both. Has nothing to do with your inability to write creatively.

89 thoughts on “Blogging Isn’t Writing

  1. So true… laziness often disguises itself as that impervious wall that prevents writing. I face that wall most days. You either have to plow through it or scale it, if not, nothing gets done 😦


  2. I dunno, I think there are a lot of extremely good blogs out there, filled with incredibly creative and enlightening writing. A blog is really just the platform. I will agree that there are a lot of incredibly banal and narcisistic blogs out there but there are some excellent blogs as well. Writing is writing, whether that’s delivered on a blog/novel/napkin.

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  3. I agree. I look at blogging as an online journal. I dictate what people will read based on what I am willing to tell them. As a writer, it takes a lot more time to write a book or a poem, then it is to write blog posts. I have been working more on my blog lately and trying to gain a decent amount of followers.


  4. I like to use my blog as a means for creating a writer platform more than anything. I post once a week & keep it generally related to writing. But yes, you’re right about making your blogging and writing two separate things. πŸ™‚


    • That’s also pretty much what my blog is used for. Because it’s nice to talk about books and writing and all that, but at the end of the day at some point in the future I’ll have a book released. And hopefully some of my readers and followers would be interested.


  5. I agree. If anything, my blog makes me put off creative writing because it is another form of procrastination when I am trying to work on figuring out of the enigma of subtle character development.


  6. Writer’s block is always laziness. That said, I disagree slightly with your premise. I think, and a lot of people agree with me, creative writing is the process of writing a metaphoric journal or memoir, the more fictional the writing the more metaphoric.

    Excepting that idea for the moment, most people have a harder time being honest with themselves, and expressing themselves honestly, than they do putting words on a page.

    Though I actually write a blog that is almost exclusively fiction, it seems to me that blogging in the more typical ‘web-log’ fashion would be good practice for the honest emotional expression necessary for the creation of empathetical characters.

    Two cents, given :b


  7. Excellent points, although I’d argue that blogging is a way of getting yourself back into the writing groove. For example, you’ve been on vacation for two weeks. You get back, sit down, aren’t sure what to write. You do a bit of blogging. Now your fingers are warmed up, and you proceed to do some actual creative writing.
    But you’re definitely right in that blogging and creative writing are totally separate! I shudder to think how much more creative writing I could get done if I wasn’t on WordPress so much, lol.


    • Hmm. You have a nice point there. About not writing for some time abs then coming back to blog. But as far as what you’re actually writing, still they’re different. Which you said.


  8. The “voice” that I use on my blog is my own voice, not the voice of my characters or the plot of my stories. I agree with some of the above commenters that a blog is basically an online journal. That’s kind of how I treat it. I’m sure I’d talk about more than writing if I kept a journal (but we both know I stink at that), but otherwise, it’s about the same.
    Blogging is fun and relaxing and allows me a creative outlet, but it is not the same as sitting my butt in the chair and actually getting any writing done. We agree on something! I think it’s been a while! πŸ™‚


  9. I was briefly inclined to disagree, and then I actually paused to think about it.
    My blog posts (when I write them) take all of fifteen minutes to write. I hardly look at them once I’ve written them, other than to respond to comments.
    My writing on the other hand… Well as you say, there’s a lot more that goes into it. I agonize over it, making sure it’s right, making sure it’s polished, making sure that the characters aren’t bland or stupid. That the emotional scenes I really want readers to cry over are actually emotional and not me just being dorky.
    I certainly don’t do that with my blogging.


  10. I sure hope it doesn’t take you 3 hours to write a blog post! I also hope it isn’t over 3,000 words! Sorry, but if it was, I might not bother to read it…Haha. I totally agree, creative writing and blogging is different; I mean, unless you’re writing poems, short stories, etc, on your blog. My blog is completely different than anything I’ve written / my creative writing. My blog is kinda my space where I write reviews on things, talk to you about what happened that was exciting, etc. Where as my creative writing is coming from a character or from my heart and emotions that I want the reader to feel. Lovely post!


    • Oh goodness. Of course not. I used to write longer ones, maybe 700-900 words that would take maybe 45 minutes. But now theyre ostky short. Like 300 words and take like ten minutes. And pretty much everything you said was why I wrote this. Blog posts and creative writing are not the same. Period. And thanks!


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