Am I a Book Blogger?


Photo Credit: Book Bloggers International

What comes to mind when you think book blogger? I think of pretty much book reviews, author interviews, reading lists, and blog tours.

Awkward silence envelopes me.

I do none of those things. Okay. Now let’s see. Maybe I have an author blog? But wait, I don’t talk about my own writing on here anymore. I talk about my writing process. A little. Don’t think so.

Okay. Maybe I have a writing blog? But I don’t offer any writing tips like EVERYONE else seems to because I’m not an expert like everyone else. (don’t miss the sarcasm)

Hm. Well let’s see what I do blog about. I write posts about writing. I write about reading. I write about book news. I write about publishing and buying books. I write about authors. I write about Katniss and Harry Potter. I write about…what else do I freaking write about?! Uh uh…I rant on and on about how stupid some things are. Um. I don’t know!

Oh well. I guess I’m not your typical book blogger. But you know what? I AM a book blogger and all of you who do just stick to listing all the books you read during the last month and reviews and the occasional author interview…well you’re boring anyway and you probably have 37 followers to my 1800. Whaaa?! I did not just go there.

I make book blogging fun and controversial all at once. Now THAT is something I rather enjoy.

18 thoughts on “Am I a Book Blogger?

  1. John, you are an innovative book blogger. You have an interesting blog. You are good at using controversy to attract followers. I, too, enjoy your special blogging abilities. If I could, I would duplicate your talent and success, but I am Carol Ann; you are John. We are who we are and should be. Blessings to you, John…


  2. If the title of the post says ‘book review’, chances are I won’t read it. And same with author reviews. If I want to know about a book, I’ll look it up myself, without the spoilers that some book reviews have.
    Your posts are always interesting and entertaining πŸ™‚


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