Saturday Selects: Guys


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Saturday Selects is a series of posts I write the first Saturday of every month in which I discuss something unrelated to books. It just gives me the opportunity to discuss something a little different every now and again. And yes, I realize that this is the second Saturday. I was sleepy last week.

The title doesn’t give away much in the way of exactly what I’ll be discussing. Let me just tell you. Guys and what I think of something that happened very recently.

This post is partly inspired by a conversation I had with a co-worker just yesterday. We’re talking about girls with tattoos and I name off a few who we work with who have them or who have told me want to get them. He asks me what I think of girls with tattoos and of course I’m like “Are you kidding? Love them.” But then the conversation turns toward two specific girls we work with. He asks me what I think of them. Yes we were talking about appearance but that wasn’t the only thing I responded to. I told him what I thought of their personalities and that I don’t really talk to either of them outside of work. This is where it gets tricky.

The next thing I said was this, “But you’re engaged.”

His response: “That doesn’t matter. They don’t know that and don’t tell them.”

Before I get into what I think of this I have to be honest here. My reaction to this when it happened was this, “Ahahaha!”

Judge me. Anyway, it made me think about guys and all those stupid things people say. They only want sex. Or they don’t care about feelings. Or whatever. I don’t need to tell you all because you already know. The thing is that I’m no different from the rest of you. We all have those people we know who we don’t hang around because we don’t agree with something they do or how they live. Don’t you dare say you don’t, you liar. And we also have people of the opposite sex who we are or are not attracted to because of certain things. Let me just say that he’s one of those guys who I’d never have thought would be in his current situation. My reasoning for thinking this is my own and I won’t be disclosing.

But let me also tell you all that I know nothing about dating or relationships or any of that stuff. (Kind of like writing) The rare instances in which people ask about my experience I say I’ve had a couple girlfriends but nothing even remotely serious. I think the longest was like 3-4 months? I don’t even remember. So I don’t know how someone is supposed to act in a relationship. At all. I don’t know about who they should be hanging out with. If their boy/girlfriend should always know where they are. Texting. Social media. I literally have no idea how any of these things are affected once someone enters into a relationship. But that isn’t the point of this post.

I do know this. If you’re engaged to be married to someone, then there should be a level of respect between the two of you. Whether you’re the guy or the girl is irrelevant. I mean, if you want to be texting other girls/guys like crazy trying to see what can happen between the two of you, then what’s the point of being engaged or in a relationship at all? I just don’t see it.

So when I heard that these two girls are definitely under the impression that my co-worker is interested in them, well I felt kind ofΒ  bad for them. Cause I know them both and though I don’t really have any kind of personal relationship with either of them, it just sucks.

Respect the person you’re with, guys and girls, because we both know there’s someone who will if you won’t.

That’s all.

21 thoughts on “Saturday Selects: Guys

  1. Wow! Well I’m glad you at least know enough to recognize that that is definitely NOT okay…no matter how you stretch the boundaries. I absolutely agree. If you want to be out with more than one girl, or flirting, or whatever, then why be in a relationship at all? Why be engaged?? I don’t think this is necessarily just guys guilty of this though, I know guys and girls like that. Or ones in relationships where they both know they hook up with other people, and both are okay with it. Like what are you even doing?


  2. I’m not going to say anything about this because I think I’ve already made my stance on this topic extremely clear, like “cleaver to butcher a guy’s head off” clear πŸ˜€


  3. Spot on! I feel so bad for the three wonderful women; the two co-workers and fiance. I sure hope your co-worker hops on the right path before it’s too late! There’s a line between being friends with the opposite sex and wanting a little something more; it’s not even a fine line at that.


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