Kindle Unlimited Hmm…


Another thing that I credit WordPress for bringing me into the loop about are the two Netflix for books type companies that have joined the e-book fun recently. Hopefully if you’re reading this you have some idea as to what I’m talking about. You don’t? Okay. The two companies I’m talking about are Scribd and Oyster. Like I said, Netflix for books is really all you need to know about them. But both companies are limited to a set number of devices. I think only iPad, Kindle Fire, Nook, and the various Apple and Android smartphones. You’ll notice no regular Kindle reading devices.

Before I continue, you all should be well aware by now that although I own a Kindle, I’ve never been a big user. I’ve read perhaps 20 books all the way through in the time I’ve had it (3+ years). I did read the last two THG books and also more recently The Fault in Our Stars. But those are the rare cases. I’m all for buying the paperback edition of my books so I can store them on my shelves right here next to me as I write this. I’ve read so much about people with too many books that they donate or give them away. I can tell you that I’ll never do this. Ever. So now you have an idea about how much I love my own books.

With all that being said, the announcement just this week that Amazon is in the testing phases of its own reading subscription service caught my attention. People say they have no money, but I really don’t. I work weekends and the little money I do make is gone rather quickly, but even I can afford $9.99 a month to read books. And I could still easily buy the books I really want because $9.99 is essentially the price of one book, so it’s not like price of the service would be astronomical.

I have to say it, Amazon first flipped the publishing industry on its head when it first released the Kindle just a few short years ago. And I think they’re about to do it again. Millions of readers read on their Kindle devices every single day. This service will be heaven on earth for all of those people. According to an article I read, Amazon doesn’t yet have any titles from any of the Big 5 publishers. Assuming this is eventually worked out (crossing my fingers) I’ll gladly fork over $9.99 a month for this service. Why now and not before with one of the other ones already available? Because who wants to read books on their phone? (I don’t have an iPad)

If Amazon is able to bring this service to market, I’ll definitely take part. Will you?

You can read a short article on the service here.

39 thoughts on “Kindle Unlimited Hmm…

  1. An interesting concept!! But I think for paying every month id like to actually own something… Not read it on the kindle then it’s gone. I’ll stick to the old fashioned library as my tactic to not over-stuff my shelves!


  2. This is interesting, John. Thanks for the information. I’m not sure yet that I would do it, but I would certainly consider it. I don’t spend $9.99 each week at this point. For me, it would be upping my book budget. You read more than I do! Congrats on that achievement.


  3. this is nothing new, John. Amazon has had a similar service for a number of years call Prime. Prime is actually a better deal–or was. With Prime you can not only download ebook, you can also watch movies and listen to music. The only restriction with Prime is that you can only borrow one book a month and the book has to be in the Prime library. The biggest value, however, with Prime is free 2 day shipping on anything bought from Amazon. The cost used to be $79 a year, however, as of the 01/01/15 the cost will go up to $99 per year–which in my estimation is still a bargain, especially if you have to return stuff you buy and reorder. Free 2 day shipping is awesome.


  4. I probably won’t, mostly because I really dislike reading on electronic devices. I have a Kindle and rarely use it. I use my iPhone when I’m desperate, but it’d probably end up being something I’d pay for and never use. And although ten bucks is a pretty good deal, why would I pay the money if I won’t use it? It’s a pretty sweet idea, though, for people who love e-readers and such.


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