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We all know that it is nearly impossible to get your foot in the door of the publishing industry, right? Yet I’m sure you see all these celebrities getting book deals left and right. Let me tell you what I think about this.

First off, I can definitely understand why a publisher would offer a book deal to a well-known celebrity…money. At least that’s what I’d hope is motivating them. They think that a book “written” by a well-known celebrity is a sure fire bestseller and money maker. As I’m writing this I’m not going to check to see if this actually rings true because it may just make me angry.

But let me name off a few celebrities who have recently gotten book deals or have actually released a book. Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Shaq. Alex Morgan. Derek Jeter. Did you know Simon and Schuster gave Jeter his own imprint? Yes. These are just the ones off the top of my head. Before I continue, let me just say that I’m not here saying that any of these celebrities are incapable of helping during the creative process, I’m just pointing out that major publishers are giving book deals to people who aren’t actually writing the books.

How does that saying about the publishing industry go? Something like the super writers make it possible for publishers to take chances on lesser known authors. Something like that? But it appears that the super writers are making it possible for publishers to take chances on celebrity authors. And let’s face it, some of the time the publishers will be right and they’ll have an instant bestseller on their hands, but not always.

So while you’re working away on that final draft of your book or trying to perfect your query letter, just know that the publishers you wish to be published by have allowed some celebrity to skip the entire process just because of their name.

NOTE: I’m about 99% sure that Alex Morgan actually writes her books, props to her!

But how do you feel about celebrities getting major book deals without ever writing a single word on a page?

39 thoughts on “Celebrity Book Deals

  1. I believe biographies and the auto version should be reserved for people who deserve them. Accomplish something, change the world, then maybe it deserves recording. I agree with sodiamondwords here.
    I don’t read a lot of them, and the last one I enjoyed was decades ago, called Yeager.


  2. It pisses me off. It’s not fair for the real writers to become stressed, work day and night, to get a rejection, when a known person gets a deal. Celebs are not even writing their own books, ghostwriters are. SMH…I want to be a traditional author, but I see now that my chances are very slim–at least if I want to be with the big 6.


  3. As long as people are buying the books, they’re going to be published. Folks like to read about the secrets of the rich and famous. I wouldn’t waste my money on a book about any celeb in the news.


  4. It is not to say that celebrities can not write good material, but as you said, it is purely for money and that is why publishers are so easy to give them book deals. It is annoying, but a lot of entertainment industries seem to be like that. Celebrities can easily cross over and create products from multiple areas (i.e. music, fashion, books, film, toys), while “regular” people have to struggle to even be considered. That is why I am interested in self publishing versus looking for publishers. I think publishers are more interested in somewhat established people–people who they can predict will make tons of sales for them with little to no effort in marketing.


    • First off, everything you said is exactly right. Second, I know I haven’t read like any if your writing besides what you posy on here, but if that’s any indication of your other stuff, THENNNN you should at least try traditional. Cause your writing is seriously ridiculously I can’t even think of another word amazing!


  5. Regarding celebrity memoirs in particular, it’s not genuine if someone else is writing the story. And it’s not just celebrities doing this either. Victims of crimes that make headlines around the world are getting book deals about their experiences. While those are stories that need to be told, it will never ring true for me if it’s dictated by someone else. I just refuse to read them.


  6. Boo hisssssssss…… I’ve never read a book by a famous person just because their name was slapped on it. And I never will. Ew and yuck and blargh!!! I could spew a bunch of rage about it, but I’ll leave my violently angry response to your imagination. Enjoy.


  7. I believe it’s as bad as lip singing at a concert. If celebrities want books written about them, credit should be given to the actual author. I’ve only read biographies of historical figures, so I may be missing out! 😀


  8. I don’t like that writers can’t get published. I wish publishers would allow there to be a bigger market for more writers. Apparently there aren’t enough people reading books. People are probably working too much and so fewer people will take the time to read. Which is unfortunate. So many people who are such amazing artists and pour themselves into their work, but the publishing world doesn’t seem to have the space for it and will take very few risks.
    Being an artist of any kind comes down to a difficult cut throat sort of atmosphere when it comes to putting food on the table.
    But my feeling about celebrities is there is a reason why they are celebrities. They are people who in some way have cut through everything and risen above so many others. And people are interested and will buy.
    I think they deserve the kuddos they get, because chances are they have worked to get there too.
    I don’t like how little respect an artist get’s in this country in general and I don’t blame a celebrity for that though.


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