Need Some Motivation to get Back to Writing?


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Well you won’t find any here. Let me ask you something real quick. No matter your particular definition, do you consider yourself a writer? If yes, then what difference do a few meaningless words from a complete stranger make? None. It really annoys me when I see people talking about the “writing community.” Uhh no. Yeah you might have some people on here or Twitter or in your hometown who help you with your writing, but at the end of the day you’re both shooting for the exact same goal of getting published. You think if it came down to either you or them they wouldn’t abandon you immediately to make sure that it was them? We both know every logical writer would do it in a heartbeat. So all this crap about the “writing community” is no different from any other type of relationship. It’s okay while everyone is getting something out of it, and I get nothing out of offering up some words of encouragement. While you get nothing out of those meaningless words strung together. You shouldn’t need some random person to get you writing in the first place, then you’re just needy and probably an attention whore.

Who cares what I say or what some other blogger/writer says, if you need motivation to get writing then you shouldn’t have to look any further than yourself.

33 thoughts on “Need Some Motivation to get Back to Writing?

  1. Well I don’t know. I do like to know about other writers out there. But I can see what you’re saying. People don’t write to receive emotional support. I don’t think anyone does. And no the other writer’s all have their own agendas. But that is a given and would be so in any case where there was a tight competition and only a few made it. People choose survival over friendship, in my opinion probably almost every time. I don’t think it is a common occurrence where people will wash people down the river though. As far as not being mutually beneficial to drivel out encouraging words, then the simple answer is don’t. You know it is meaningless anyway.
    The only reason I know for people to even have a blog is to develop a writing community. From what I can tell, it doesn’t sell books, make your name except in certain cases where the person works very hard. So blogging seems to me mostly motivated by the desire to develop a small community of like thinkers.
    I choose not to write things that I don’t believe in. So if you feel inspired and interested in writing something for other people, then think about what would have been helpful for you to know but you found out later in the process.


  2. I do agree that the publishing world is cutthroat, and writers need to look out for themselves if they hope to have success. But I do personally enjoy being able to share my work with others, learn from talented and published poets, fiction writers, professors, and hear what they have to say. Writing is an independent art form, yet we all share that passion for it. That’s where, I believe, the “writing community” comes in.

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    • I guess I agree. To a point. It may be different if they’re published writers you’re interacting with. They might feel more like a mentor to you rather than as someone who has to be better. Maybe.


  3. Nothing has to be that cut throat LOL. As you mature you enjoy seeing real friends succeed (yes even if you do not). If you are a greedy artist then it’s likely you wont have many friends anyway LOL

    Despite such a great vanity art that it is, there are loads of room for the good spirited !

    Like you said before it’s silly to say ‘writing community’ because it’s not a team sport. That part I completely agree with.

    Write for yourself.

    But still no harm in patting others on the back along the way ๐Ÿ˜€

    You find many classic writers actually rather humble and good…

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  4. Motivation for writing should always come from within. If there isn’t a base of confidence and motivation within ourselves, then no amount of inspiring quotations will do a darn bit of good to write a single word more than we’d have written without them. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with reading motivational quotes as long as people realize they’re just fluff to make us feel better, but ultimately it’s up to us to get things done.


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