Need a Drink?


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Hey look, I didn’t post on ANOTHER weekday yesterday. Did you notice? Eh. Probably not. Oh well. First off, this post is not me asking about what your favorite beer or wine is, because you should know by now that I do not drink anything that requires you be 21 or older. I still don’t see the point. You’re all alcoholics if you ask me.

Now you’re probably like “Okay, now you’ve insulted me for the last time!” Maybe. What I am asking about is whether you need something to drink when you write. I’m a horrible mulititasker and I’m still not writing, but back in the day I’d rarely have anything to drink while writing. Here’s where I throw in some lame joke about “but I really needed a bottle of water at my side on those days I was really working my writing muscle.” I just threw up all over my pile of dirty clothes. All those stupid writing quotes I see people tweeting and blogging about make me sick. They think they’re revealing something hidden and great that no one else knows about even though they probably just Google searched “writing quotes” and picked one. Get out of here.

Anyway, the only beverage I’ve ever had while writing has been the occasional bottle of water. And oddly enough, I usually finished it rather quickly. I mean, I can always drink a bottle in a few seconds if I want to, but I don’t do that if I’m just sitting. Eh. But what about you? I know SO many writers claim to have a coffee addiction that probably just males them feel like a writer cause no one thinks for themselves anymore, but do you have a beverage of choice that you must have once you get writing?

46 thoughts on “Need a Drink?

  1. When I was a teenager, I always had a can of cola on my desk while I wrote. I’ve never been into coffee or tea, especially for writing, because I have to drink coffee/tea in one go (I can’t let it sit on my desk and take a sip every five minutes. It gets cold!)

    Now that I’ve cut out soda, I don’t drink at all while writing. It’s too distracting to me.

    I also agree about alcohol, btw. Beer is disgusting and wine gives me a headache. I like the taste of cocktails, so I’ll occassionally have one. But I’ve never been tipsy or drunk and never plan on it. I don’t get the appeal.


    • I used to drink soda all the time when I was younger. Not for writing, just to drink. But now I very rarely drink soda and don’t drink coffee or alcohol….do it’s just the sometime-y water bottle for me while I write.

      Ooooh. Me neither. But I’ve never had beer or wine, so I have no idea about their tastes. But I know the smell on people’s breath and I don’t like that.

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