If you Could Jump Into any Story



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This post is partly the result of a conversation I had very recently with the rather awesome Jess. Seriously, if you aren’t following her blog then what the heck is the matter with you? Just click her name and then hit follow. Easy. I’ll even wait.





Okay. Hopefully you followed directions, but I’ll know if you didn’t. Now I suppose I might as well tell you what today’s post is actually about. Fine. The other day I randomly asked Jess which movie she would live in if she could. Her answer was eh. But then I started thinking about it and came up with Narnia. Yeah I know there are actually three movies, but how freaking cool would it be to live in Narnia? I haven’t read the books, but they’re definitely on my forever TBR list. Now I’m taking the question a bit further and thinking about the books I’d like to jump into. I’ll limit it to books I’ve actually read, so that leaves out six of the Potter books. I’m not sure I’d want to live in Panem. Maybe I’d want to jump into the life of a hotshot PI? But likely not. I’m not funny enough. Perhaps I’d want to take on the life of a homicide detective from LA or DC? Nah. Now I’m pretty much down to just two series. Halo and Gears of War. Yes the video games are great, but the books are so much better.

Both are engaged in seemingly never ending wars with some not so friendly opponents. I think if I had to pick one story to live in…..then I’d pick the Halo stories. Because there’s some really bad stuff going on throughout the entire universe, but the USMC is tough to take out. And let’s not forget, Master Chief. I’d maybe want to meet him because he’s willing to shoulder any burden thrown his way, no questions asked. I’m talking the whole of humanity here. Quite frankly, the guy is something we need more of.

Now let me ask you, if you could thrust yourself into any story you’ve read, which would it be? And don’t you dare tell me some Nicholas Sparks novel. No.

74 thoughts on “If you Could Jump Into any Story

  1. Narnia sounds like fun. There’s enough adventure without everything trying to kill you (which is why I could never handle Middle Earth or Panem). Aslan could protect me, lol. I also like the world of Inkheart, where I could bring characters to life by reading books aloud. Dangerous, but fascinating.

    Overall, there aren’t many fictional universes I’d like to live in. I’m a wimp. I can’t fight or do any of the cool things my favorite characters do. I would end up dead in most of my favorite books, lol.


    • Middle Earth is a definite no. I don’t know what Inkheart is, but it sounds rather interesting. I think a lot of characters are just people. Maybe they can fight a little or something, but they’re still just people.


  2. The Narnia series is an allegory for the Bible’s new testament so I probably wouldn’t want to live there. I think I might like to live in the world of Skyrim with my many homes, my moderately irritating family, my fat pile of gold, and my dragon scale armour.


  3. For me it would probably be Hogwarts. Definitely NOT Nicholas Sparks. My 14yo son would be with you on Halo. If I showed him your collection, he’d be pretty jealous; he likes to refer to himself as MasterChief. Fun question to think about!


  4. Hey, I happen to like Nicholas Sparks! Not enough to live in one of his books though…people always seem to die tragically. Hmmmm, my first thought was to choose my favorite: “Little Women”. Yeah, you read that right. Mr. Sparks isn’t looking so bad now, is he? Then I remembered that I’m black and have no interest in living in the age of slavery. Sooooo, since my office is frigid at the moment and I’m freezing, I’ll choose “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”. Tropical paradise, beaches and gorgeous men sound absolutely delightful at the moment.

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  5. Um, the Mr Men & Miss series – you know the one I’m talking about, just because names would be so much easier to remember and I could make having a bad hair day cool. I’d just be named Ms Crazy Hair Girl :p

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  6. You can’t ask questions like these! It’s so hard for me to decide!!!! Cause like you Halo… I mean the chance to work side by side with Spartans would be awesome! Middle Earth would be pretty amazing I’m sure! I’d love to hang out in rivendel:) but there’s a lot of manga worlds that I love like full metal alchemist!


  7. *Sigh*… You’ve just made my palms sweaty. My inner nerd is about to be revealed… here goes… I would want to live in New Vegas from Fallout. There. I said it. But, seriously, what’s not to love?? Being free to roam? Awesome. Rummaging through abandoned businesses and homes in search of gear/weapons/money? Sweet. Having a flying robot that shoots lasers and a robo-dog as your friends? Hell yeah! Fighting radiated zombies and giant scorpions? Scary, but fun. Helping to shape the future of the country’s political system? Count me in!

    Otherwise, I agree with you… Narnia would be cool. But I would also love to live in Middle Earth. I’m already hobbit-sized.


  8. Ahh, dang! You said “any story,” and then I saw your mad Halo collection, and my mind immediately went to Fallout. *Sigh* Well, then. Guess I’ll be a Hobbit after all. I don’t mind that there are goblins and orcs and whatnot in the world… I’ll just try to stay out of their way while I’m visiting the Elves.


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