Let the Downward Spiral Known as my Blog Continue


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I didn’t feel like writing my monthly recap post this time around. Why? Because August amounts to what I consider a joke. I wrote some okay posts and read about two the whole month. I first started writing these monthly recap posts earlier this year because I was excited to see how well I’d done the previous month compared to others. But over the course of summer that excitement has all but faded. I’m not excited to write new posts. I rarely read posts on blogs I follow. And either read and ignore comments, or reply 12 hours later even though I saw it within minutes of it being written. Most of the time, sometimes I actually see it way later. Anyway, then I figured that I’m either going to write the recap posts every month or I’m not going to write them at all. I guess I’m still writing them. For now.

Monthly stats. Previous monthly record will be in italics.

Posts: 21 (26)

Likes: 383 (584)

Comments: 1198 (2158)

New followers 109 (511)

And now for some posts.

Top Post

Writing as a Hobby

Favorite Post

Need Some Motivation to get back to Writing?

Post you may Have Missed

If you Could Jump Into any Story

That’s it. I’m not going to pretend that September is going to be better. Cause it likely will be worse. But eh, what’s it matter? How was your blogging month?

In other news, I hit 1500 WordPress followers during August. This should have happened about three months ago but whatever.

51 thoughts on “Let the Downward Spiral Known as my Blog Continue

  1. I think you are worrying too much about stats, amount of followers, and the statistics instead of just blogging because a. you like it, and b. you like it. You have to like blogging. I know I’m never going to be able to blog once a day or more than once a week. I have time constraints and hey, I just don’t want to blog that much. You have to do what you feel comfortable with.

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      • Oh, well then, never mind. I figured you checked it on a regular basis. I’d say having 1500 followers is no small potatoes. I have just 271 and I’ve been blogging for about 6 years. There are highs and lows. So, you take a break from reading other blogs. I have so many unread blog emails in my inbox. Something like over a thousand. if you follow a lot of blogs, well, you can only read so much. 😛 there is only so much time in the world.


  2. I haven’t been reading your blog for as long as I’d like, but I always love your posts because you’re funny, and often brutally honest. I really like that.

    But this post? You sound so apathetic. Bored and bitter. I can’t pretend to know the details of your life, only what you post here. But what I know is you’ve decided to stop writing your fiction. Or at least take it less seriously.

    When there’s a lapse in my writing, there’s a definite change in my daily life, and it’s never for the better.

    I hope that isn’t the case here.


  3. Maybe you need a holiday. Everyone takes a holiday from time to time. Don’t beat yourself up. If you’re not enjoying it right now, take your annual leave.

    I haven’t been feeling like writing at all this week. So I’ve been feeding my soul in other things that I usually neglect because of the time I spend writing. There are other things to be done when our motivation wanes.


  4. The stats on WordPress, as I’ve discovered, aren’t always accurate or revealing. There are many reasons why views aren’t counted in the stats. For instance, if I read the post in the viewer (as I’m doing right now), but don’t view the original, it might not show up as a view at all. Mobile views don’t count, either. If people are reading, great. If they aren’t, it’s good practice and brain decluttering exercise. My favorite part of the stats is seeing what countries I’ve reached.

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    • Uh I’m not sure how come I’ve always seen so many bloggers day they don’t get views from the Reader. You said viewer, I assume you meant Reader. Cause I do. Everyday. In the”referrer” section of my stats I always get a bunch from “WordPress.com Reader.” And the mobile thing is incorrect. Very easy example I have. Just last week I was searching for something that I could only find by going through all my posts. Another person was also doing this. We were both on our phones and in a few short minutes I think we managed to put like 75 or 100 views or something on my blog cause we were going through post after post looking. Eh. But this is really besides the point.


  5. John! I’m worried about you. GO get yourself a strawberry milkshake, pour it over your head, roll yourself in coconut (because I know how you hate that) and offer yourself to the next homeless person you see as a candy treat pronto. I need you to snap out of it and come back to us in WordPress world otherwise this globe is going to start scaring me. More than usual.


  6. Sorry your month wasn’t as awesome as others.
    Do I need to become annoyingly peppy and optimistic for you again? Because this is seriously one depressing post (writing-wise, not your stats).
    I’ll have to find a REALLY good story to make you laugh and get you back on track. Hmm… give me a few… It’ll probably have to be uber embarrassing for me, otherwise it won’t be funny. Let me get back to you on that. But I’ll think of a good one, I swear!


      • Okay. I think I have a good one:
        When I was young, I loved being in the car when we drove over speed bumps.
        For whatever reason, whenever a speed bump came close, I’d partially stand up so my head was just below the ceiling of the car. Whenever the car hit the speed bump, my head would hit the ceiling.
        I literally LOVED doing that, and it makes me nervous now, thinking back on all the head-hitting that happened as a kid.
        One time, I was in the back end of the station wagon (when kids could sit in the back seat facing the door that opened at the back of the car), and I did that, but the door wasn’t latched and it came flying open, with me still attached to part of it. Haha! Whoops!
        I think that may have been the end of my head-butting-the-car-ceiling-on-a-speedbump love.
        Jeez. What possessed me?
        Though it sure does explain a lot, I think. 🙂


      • Haha! I thought I was the only one who did that. I don’t know anybody else who did that growing up. Well, except you, now. I really wonder how many times I did that to myself. Hmm…


  7. Thanks for sharing this this month’s stats and your honesty. Definitely understand in losing interest with blogging or writing. Hopefully you will find inspiration to blog and write if not this month than in the future. I have definitely enjoyed reading your posts and gaining insight from you 🙂


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