Here They Come


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The title of this post could literally mean any one of a hundred different things. I bet if I gave you the chance to guess before I get into what this post is actually about you’d be wrong. Go ahead. Guess.

Now you have something in your head that I am quite certain is incorrect. So let me tell you what is right. Every year Hollywood adapts a million books into movies. We know this. It’s not a new trend. This fall has quite a few new movie releases that are adapted from books. I mean, we know the big ones. Mockingjay. The Hobbit. Gone Girl. And there are more. This comes during a year in which we’ve already seen a number of adaptations released. Divergent. The Fault in Our Stars. The Giver. It appears that Hollywood is fast searching for the next phenomenon, but studios have recently been hit or miss when it comes to literary adaptations. Mostly miss. And the two wildly successful series (THG & The Hobbit) will be over this year and next, so the search will continue.

This article from USA Today lists their ten highlighted adaptations of the fall. Which movie adapted from a book are you most looking forward to? You know the answer for me. Mockingjay Part 1 cannot get here fast enough.

19 thoughts on “Here They Come

  1. I actually took a class years ago called from books to movies. It was a great class but has ruined me for movie adaptations of all books I have ever read. In fact my husband flat out refuses to watch a movie with me if I had read the book. One day I will do it in reverse and watch the movie before reading the book. That being said, the only movie I was excited to come out was The Hobbit and I was sorely disappointed.


  2. I’ll bite. Mockingjay 1. While I hated Catching Fire–the book–I loved the movie. I hope this carries over to the Mockingjay movies because even though I love, love, loved Hunger Games, I wasn’t a huge fan of the last two books in the trilogy. That is all said with the utmost respect to Miss Collins whom I’ve been enamored with since her middle grade series, The Underland Chronicles, way back in the day.


    • Hm. I definitely see what you’re saying about the last book. I thought it was easily the worst of the three. But still looking at in relative to other books it’s not bad at all. In my opinion. And I thought the Catching Fire movie was pretty significantly better than The Hunger Games. Though again, I very much enjoyed the first movie.


  3. I’ll probably most be looking forward to The Hobbit, even though I’ve been disappointed with the adaptation from the book. At this point, I just try to keep the book and movie separate since I grew up with the book and am a fan of LOTR, which is made by the same director.
    I do want to see Mockingjay, though I still haven’t seen Catching Fire. Hate me if you must. I will see it eventually.
    Otherwise, movies just don’t hold much of an appeal for me, right now. I’ve been disappointed recently with what’s come out, so I haven’t been to the movies since last Christmas.


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