Why do you Read?


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It seems like a simple enough question, right? For me, the answer is yes. But for you I’m thinking that it may be a bit more complex. You see, there are a lot of reasons explaining why people do a lot of things. I could ask you a million times the same but different question just by changing the last word. Why do you go to school? Why do you eat fast food? Why do you smoke? See? And just about every person’s answer to each question would be something unique and pertinent only to them.

I think this is very much the same when it comes to my question. Why do you read? Maybe you’ve thought of your answer already. Maybe you didn’t have to think of your answer at all because it’s so obvious in your mind as to why you read. Or maybe you have no idea why you constantly find yourself in a new book. But me, I know exactly why. My reason is simple and straightforward. I read because I honestly believe that books are the greatest form of entertainment today. I read because I like doing so. That’s it. I don’t read to learn, although I’m sure some of you would argue that we learn from what we read. I don’t read to get away from anything going on in my  life. I don’t read because I HAVE to, which is what I know most writers would say when it comes to writing.  I read to be entertained. And for whatever reason some people seem to have an issue with that. Eh. People are pretty stupid sometimes.

With that being said, I’d like to know why you do. Why do you read?

29 thoughts on “Why do you Read?

  1. I read because I feel compelled to do so. I am unable to sit and not read. I will read cereal boxes, leaflets…anything, if I haven’t got other reading material to hand. I just love words.


  2. First and foremost I’d say I read for entertainment. Nothing offers as immersive an experience as a well written book.

    But, I definitely learn from what I read, whether I’m reading critically or not. And though there’s nothing I’m yearning to escape from, sometimes disappearing into a book is just much more enticing than real life.

    I’d say that’s why I read. But, it can go a lot deeper than that. Curiosity, the need to know the outcome of the story. Meeting new people, even though they’re fictional.

    There are a million reasons to read. But I can’t think of one not to.

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  3. I read for adventure and entertainment, but mostly adventure. Some of my favorite books are thrilling and exciting, but subtly weave in lessons and new ideas. Only once in my life did I really want to escape into a book, but that was a very crazy day.


  4. I read for all the reasons you do and for all the reasons you don’t. It’s a much a part of my life as eating or hugs. In other words, reading is something I can’t live without! Or at least I don’t want to.


  5. A combo of entertainment and learning, I suppose. I wouldn’t read a boring book just to learn from an author’s style. But I do try to read books that entertain me and ask “what makes this book so good?”

    I’m pretty poorly read in the classics for this reason. The literary masters knew their way around a paragraph, but so many of the stories they told were boring or no longer relevant.


  6. I read because I feel I can escape and be in another place for a while. When compared to film or movies, I get more from reading–I get to understand the characters, the environment, and the plot fully.


  7. I read because I can’t NOT read. I read everything from the labels on the cereal box on the table while I am having breakfast to the signs along the side of the road as I travel. I read books to enjoy a world that another mind has created for me. I want to know how the people there behave under the conditions imposed on them. I want to know about things I don’t already know about. Reading isn’t part of my life. It is part of who I am and I will continue doing it until I close my eyes for the last time.


  8. I love to read, it’s just something I do to entertain myself. Whether it’s reading book or a blog, it’s more enjoyable to me that I can read it. I’ve been that way since I was little, asking for a book for Christmas or my birthday; my parents absolutely loved it.


  9. Escape, entertainment, freedom, distraction, enjoyment, love, education… So many reasons. I love being able to get out of my own world and into another place for a while, have a wiggle around in there, make some new friends and hop back out!


  10. I think the question should be, why do you read what?

    e.g. I read the newspaper because…
    I read the internet because…
    I read other peoples blogs because…
    I read novels because…
    I read my own blog because…
    I read my work notes because….
    I read the street sign because…
    I read the side of the cereal box because…
    and on it goes…

    It’s just a skill I have that helps me in all facets of my life. Sometimes I hate it sometimes I love it, but it’s something I can do.


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