Have a Favorite Writing Instrument?


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I have to be honest with you all, I have a list of post ideas on my phone and I picked this one because I figured it’d take the least amount of time for me to write. Most only take about 20 minutes or so, but I’m sleepy and I’m looking to cut that time in half. So let’s get on with it, shall we?

How many writing instruments would you say we have available to us? I’m thinking maybe a handful? For the sake of this post I was going to focus on the physical act of writing, but we write on computers more than just about anything, right? So I think it’s only fair to include them in any discussion about writing instruments. So let’s see…pen. pencil. Laptop/desktop. Are there any more? I mean, I guess markers and crayons too. But the only writing done with either of those two is on the walls by the baby who thinks he’s helping decorate his room. Oh, a quill! Are there places you can actually buy ink and quills? I’m not sure about those. Anyway, those are the only writing instruments I can think of. I guess typewriters count too, especially since I can shamelessly link back to that post just because I mentioned them. Ha.

Let’s see if I have a favorite. Pens. They’re easy to write with unless they have some kind of gel ink that smears as you write across. I have to admit that I have a couple dozen notebooks from college full of pages and pages of notes from various classes and probably like 95% of all of that was with pencil. I’m not sure how come I did that. Maybe I made a lot of mistakes in the course of note taking and I didn’t want to have my pages full of things scratched out? It was always mechanical pencils with the nice erasers too.

On another note, I had a lot of gel pens in elementary school? Wait, is that weird? Uh oh. Oh well. So what’s your favorite writing instrument? Maybe it’s one I didn’t mention?

31 thoughts on “Have a Favorite Writing Instrument?

  1. Two favorites: these pens called Signo pens. They’re like a cross between a regular pen an a gel pen (which I was seriously obsessed with in elementary school). And the second? A regular old bic ball point pen in blue ink. Weird huh?
    P.s. Have I mentioned that I collect pens? I’ll show you sometime. It’s insane.

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      • No, They are fairly rare anymore. The ones I purchase are around $35-45. I just happen to like the way they write unlike the more modern pens. The magic is how you use them. They are great for art as well. I use either black or green ink just because I like the colors. 🙂


  2. I’ve always got “great” ideas when I wake up in the morning or in the middle of the night. The closes thing to my bedroom to write on is a mirror. I like to write on that with eyeliner and leave it there until the next morning.

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  3. Ballpoint pens with fine tips are awesome for me, since I’m on the go so much. I take most of my handwritten notes at church, so I prefer an instrument that can clip onto my notebook and not get lost in my purse (no matter the size, it WILL get lost!) Extra points if the pen has a comfort grip.


  4. Reblogged this on Cronin Detzz "Writer's Block" and commented:
    What is your favorite writing instrument? Most of us use laptops, and I remember the good old days when I wrote poetry and short stories on a typewriter. Using a typewriter required serious commitment; it is not so easy to make changes. We had an electric typewriter with a fabric ribbon. To make a correction required liquid paper. It’s coming back to me, how I’d sit at the desk and stare at the paper, listening to the electric hum, willing my fingers to commit to the next line.

    Now, I use my smartphone or my laptop. When I need a technology time out, I reach for my trusty pen. My husband bought me a silver pen engraved with name, so I consider this my favorite pen.

    Do you have a favorite pen, or a favorite type of pen?

    Keep writing and keep sharing! – Cronin Detzz


  5. I love the feel of pens on paper. I always start out writing anything with a pen and paper. Sometimes I start a second draft on a computer. More often than not, I will print something after a few pages and go back at it with a pen. It somehow feels more productive if I’m writing by hand.


  6. There’s something about pen and paper that is just so classic that I absolutely love. I have so many journals and notebooks full of scribbled poems, ideas, lists, etc. But when it comes to writing such as blog posts, books, etc. I definitely prefer typing just because it is so much faster and I can get more ideas out more quickly.


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