Do you Have a Least Favorite Book?


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Okay guys, most of y’all know I don’t write posts just to bash particular authors for no reason. Don’t worry, I’m not going to start today. But let’s be real, we have all read some pretty bad books. I’m talking books that had no business ever being finished, but somehow we managed to push through and get to the last page. Those are the books I’m talking about.

I’ve decided that I’ll only consider books I’ve actually read all the way through when considering this question. I don’t have a long list to choose from. I used to always finish books once I started them. I just thought they deserved a chance. But then I started reading some pretty awful stories that I just couldn’t finish. So, without taking those stories into account I’d have to say my least favorite book I’ve read was…Hit Man by Lawrence Block. This was the first book I read by Block and I went in with high expectations, because who doesn’t want to read about an assassin? But it didn’t live up. The  chapters were boring and Keller (the MC) gave you no reason to like him at all. Each chapter another person was killed by Keller. Think about that, someone killed every chapter. That’s just too many people. How is the reader supposed to learn about the assassination or who the victim is or anything at all besides the cause of death in such a short amount of time? I don’t know.

Also, my reasoning for choosing this book over a few others is that I can generally read just about any crime novel because I love the genre, but rarely do I start a new crime series and never continue. Oh well.

So tell me about the worst book you can remember reading. I’m quite curious to see your responses.

15 thoughts on “Do you Have a Least Favorite Book?

  1. I picked up Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout for super cheap at a used bookstore. It won the Pulitzer Prize, and I don’t recall ever reading a Pulitzer-winning book before.

    Oh damn was it boring. Well written, yes. But I could not get through it, despite my OCD tendency to finish everything I start. I quit after 75 pages.

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  2. Without a doubt, it was Twilight. Blech. I rolled my eyes through every page and didn’t bother to finish the first book or any of the others. I was definitely not a fan of her writing style, but the story itself just bothers me. Yuck, yuck, yuck.


  3. Like most people, I don’t generally start reading a book unless I’ve a pretty good idea I’ll like it (so I never intend to read Twilight for example), but of course sometimes that book disappoints. The only time I’ve read one that I didn’t think I’d like, but finished it anyway despite my prediction turning out to be true, was The Da Vinci Code. I can see why many people did like it – I mean, there’s interesting things in it – but the writing style wasn’t great, the dialogue was leaden, and the characters clichéd and lifeless.

    One of the frustrating things about being an unpublished writer is that you’re constantly told your writing has to be beyond amazing to have a chance of being conventionally published … and then you read Dan Brown. Enough said.


  4. For me it was by for The Alchemist. It wasn’t a bad book, in fact a lot of people love it. But I personally could not get into it. I thought it was boring and just dragged. That being said, I was reading it for school and for whatever reason I tend to enjoy books I’m forced to read far less than books I choose to read at my own pace.


    • Yeah The Alchemist is a book that people have a huge reaction to, one way or the other. I personally quite liked it for my own reasons, but boy….when I started talking about it to other people the reaction I got was like I had sicked up in their face…..But hey….that guy made A LOT of money out of that book…..that has to mean something.


      • Yeah I know exactly what you’re saying. I love books that make me think and was really excited to read it, but for whatever reason I just could not get into it. I read the whole thing though at least.

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  5. The Historian. It got so much attention in 2005 (thereabouts) when it came out. Most. Boring. Book. EVER. The pieces of the book worked, but put together and drug out like that…. it was torture.


  6. There are too many books to mention, but the most common problem I have is when a million people tell me I have to read this book because it is so amazing and I do and it’s terrible. By the way one book I did find very interesting (for reasons other than you think) is ’50 shades of grey’…..come on – shoot me down! shoot me down!! Not that I can remember distinctly what the storyline was or what happened in the end….but I do think it really raised some interesting dilemmas for women….


  7. I rarely read books I don’t enjoy. Even if the book happens to be picked randomly on the kindle store or from a bargain bin, I enjoy reading it.

    The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt is my least favorite book I’ve so far during my “reading career”. Which has been since I’ve been old enough to read.

    I actually struggled to finish it but I always finish books I start. I just couldn’t stand it.
    There has to be at least one book you just can’t stand. That’s the sad truth.


  8. Last year I read a book by a guy who used Door County, WI as the place of a couple murders. I was born there and spent a lot of my life there. I was excited to read it but almost immediately realized he was one of the rich spoiled kids from Chicago who spent some summers there looking down on the locals. He got everything wrong. He used Germans sir names even though it is a Scandinavian area. There were so many things he wrote that were incorrect, I couldn’t even like the story. Which, in the end sucked too. This book actually made me angry and I am ticked again just thinking about it. So, my advice to authors is to actually know an area well before writing as if you do.


  9. I am going to do the opposite of you, and say that my least favorite book is the ONE book I have not been able to finish. Wuthering Heights. Incidentally, it was my mom’s favorite book when she was a teenager. I found it way overly dramatic and just could not stand it. Like Beth Caplin mentioned above, I have an OCD tendency to finish everything I start, but I simply could not finish WH.


  10. 50 Shades of Gray… Bad writing and wussy female protagonist. All the porn on the planet can’t make me finish that book. The only reason I attempted reading it was because I wanted to find out what everyone was swooning over.


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