The Perfect Gift…Not


Photo Credit: Darlene Foster

If you’re reading this blog, then you likely have a great interest in books. Maybe you don’t read every day or week, but you might be writing one or editing one or doing something with a book a good amount of your time. The chances are that you even know someone who enjoys books as much as you do. That person is always telling you to read something new or that they’re new novel might finally attract the attention of a traditional publisher. Every winter when Christmas comes around you struggle to come up with the perfect gift idea. After all, you’ve been friends for over a decade. Then you think…BOOKS!

Now here’s where I slap that thought right out of your head. You shouldn’t consider gifting some books to your friends or family members or anyone at all. Why? Because it is rather difficult to really know which book someone might be interested in without just asking the question. Even if you’re aware of their reading habits, it’s still not a good idea. I mean, you could easily just get a book by one of their favorite authors or a new book within their favorite genre. But hopefully we can all agree that just because two books are a part of the same genre does not mean a reader will like them both. It could be the case, but it’s a toss up if you ask me. And it’s likely that your friend has all of the books by their favorite author anyway.

Y’all know I don’t recommend books or gift them because it’s quite a bit easier to just get the Barnes and Noble or Amazon gift card and call it a day. You can show that you know what they’re interested in without trying to guess. I won’t be gifting any books any time soon, will you?

Fun fact: in the photo credit blog post the blogger says that she will give a list of great book gift suggestions that she’s already read. See what I mean? Prime example of someone assuming that you will like a book because she liked a book. Hmm.

6 thoughts on “The Perfect Gift…Not

  1. As much as I love love love books, I always ask people not to buy me them. Mostly because, as you say, It might not be something I’m interested in or I might already have it. My mom has a bad habit of buying me books from mid-series, aha so I then I have to go a buy the first few books! I much prefer a gift card, then I can make sure its something I WANT and that if it’s a series they’ll all match (Im a tad OCD)

    Loved this post! Great blog 🙂


  2. Thankyou!! I often get books, but only my best friend and my family have managed to pick something I really liked. It just seems the default gift now, because I read a lot. *sigh*


  3. I totally agree with you in general. However, I have gifted specific books to people that I know well enough to know exactly what they will like. This is only a very few people, and sometimes even with those people, it can be difficult, and a gift card might be the way to go.

    My kids get books for gifts ALL the time, even for “no reason” gifts. But of course, I know exactly what they want to read; they are by far the easiest to shop for when it comes to books :-).


  4. You’re absolutely right. That’s why there’s always room for a discussion that starts with “So what are you reading right now?” If a person can’t answer that question, they aren’t your friend.


  5. If I am friends with the person on goodreads. I will buy them a book. Also if I see a book that makes me think of them I will buy it. Other than that its a coffee mug with a gift card inside of it 🙂


  6. Yeah. I’ve put specific books on my wish list in the past, and was glad to receive them. But otherwise, when people DO NOT ask for a specific title, there is too much risk of buying something they already have/already read. Just give a gift card to avoid that.


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