The Books That Have Stayed With…Everyone


This is sort of an update post to my first post about this topic. Back then I mentioned that I could only come up with one or two books that have stayed with me rather than the usual ten people list out. But recently Facebook released data from another six countries and there’s a clear take away from their data: The stories of Harry, Ron, and Hermione are universal. And I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking to yourself the billions of dollars that the movies brought in at the box office. True. But when this meme got started I definitely figured JK Rowling would lead the way in the US and UK. But also in France, India, Italy, the Philippines, Brazil, and Mexico too? (Facebook only surveyed English status updates in India and the Philippines)

This just tells me that Potter is one of those characters that’ll be remembered and related to for decades to come. Not because the books are the greatest books ever written, but more likely because the books appear to have readers all over the world who appreciate their message.

The Harry Potter series ranked number one in France, India, Italy, the Philippines, Brazil, and number three in Mexico. What do you think about that?

You can see the full lists for each country here.

4 thoughts on “The Books That Have Stayed With…Everyone

  1. I’m kind of not surprised. I loved the series and I think that for years, young teens will still love the series. It’s not something that will only be appealing with the generation it started with, but feels almost timeless and will captivate many more generations to come.

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  2. The Harry Potter series are quite popular in Pakistan too, btw. Oh, and yes. I think the HP books will not fade away. Not anytime soon, that is. Because Jo created a story that is not just appealing to us. The books will appeal more generations to come. And this is what makes the books great. Right now, I think the HP series are the best series out there. There will be greater books in the future, yes, but The Harry Potter series will always be on the top.


  3. I am not surprised. I think a reason for the books success is that it appealed to all ages. I read the series 3rd-7th grade, but my parents read them and loved them just as much. I can read the books now and pick up on things that went way over my head before. The books are timeless. They appeal to such a huge audience and offer a story quite unlike any other. I don’t know how long these books will remain popular, but I do how they last.


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