Will you Consider Downloading a Free Book?


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This question ultimately asks if you read self-published books, but not all self-published books are free at some point. In my experience I’ve found that people are typically “I read a lot of free books” or “I will not ever read a book if it’s free.” I’ve rarely found someone who sometimes reads free books and sometimes doesn’t. I’ll never sit here and say that one person’s reasoning for their decision is wrong while another person’s is right, so this is just me repeating what has been said about why people do or don’t download books that are free.

“If it’s free it must be bad”

This goes along with the stigma that still exists for self-publishing. Maybe self-published authors are making strides when it comes to their literary merit, but talk to someone who knows nothing about the publishing industry about your book. One of their first questions is sure to  be who published your book. I mean, there are MANY great books out their that have been self-published, but some readers will never find them because they don’t give them a chance. Like when they’re free.

“I have too many books I actually WANT to read”

There’s no doubt in my mind that when said in this context this statement is an excuse not to read a particular book or perhaps a book that is free. I understand that most avid readers have dozens and dozens of books they want to read, maybe hundreds cause some people are crazy, but the notion that reading one book that’s not necessarily on your never ending TBR list is going to mess with the alignment of the universe is simply absurd. After all, you have to keep adding new books to your TBR list if you intend to keep reading, right? Just say you don’t want to read the damn book and be done with it.

“I have too many books on my Kindle”

This is probably more valid than you might think. There are plenty of readers out there who navigate the Kindle free store on a daily basis just downloading books. This isn’t bad and I’m not going to knock anyone for it, but this really does create the dilemma of having too many books. I’m talking hundreds of unread books just collecting figurative dust in the depths of your Kindle. From what I’ve been told and understand, many of these readers just pick titles almost at random once downloaded because there’s no easy way to pick which book to read when you have hundreds at your fingertips.

I’m quite certain that I could continue the list here because the likelihood is that you’ve had some experience with this question. Maybe you’re a reader who never downloads free books. Or maybe you’re an author who has offered your book for free through KDP Select. Me? I’ve never actually downloaded a free book. And I have offered my book for free a couple of times. I think my best free promo garnered 6571 downloads in a couple of days, but obviously I don’t have a gazillion reviews of my book.

Do you download free books?

9 thoughts on “Will you Consider Downloading a Free Book?

  1. I definitely see the struggle of free ebooks, I have a ton of them on my computer. I cant bring myself to purchase a book I’m not getting a physical copy of, so I certainly appreciate the free ebooks, but I have run across so many bad free ebooks I have to be really picky about what I download, otherwise they just turn into clutter. Not to say I have not enjoyed some of the ebooks I have read.


  2. Totally. Why not? It’s free. Even if the book isn’t great…it’s FREE. I’ve downloaded a lot free and cheap books for my kindle, and, admittedly, a lot of them are pretty bad. Some of them are pretty solid, though, and, occasionally, one of them is even pretty damn good. It’s a great way to discover new writers, and I believe firmly in giving nearly everything a try. Most of my reading is still done with printed books, because I love a physical book, and even some of those I’ve gotten for free through publisher giveaways and what have you.

    So all I am say~ing, is give free a chance. /music

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  3. I’m going to be the person is one of the few people you know “who sometimes reads free books and sometimes doesn’t.” I have learned that poorly written books are often free. This doesn’t mean that people don’t charge for their poorly written books, or that all free books are poorly written. But of all the e-books I’ve bought, the poorly written ones have all been free or $.99. So when I DO consider a free e-book, I read as much of it as is given (blurb, Look Inside, etc.) and I read reviews about it, looking for reviews that mention how well it is written. I probably won’t waste time on it if there isn’t something to say it is well written.

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  4. Most self-published authors, good and bad, will do a free giveaway eventually. So sure, I’d download a free book. If it sucked, I’d delete it after skimming one chapter. If it was good, I’d finish it. No harm, no foul.

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  5. Not being able to work right now I can’t justify buying books for my Kindle, and through BookBub.com I’ve found a lot of good books to read…for free! I don’t randomly download. I read what the book is about, the comments, and see if it is a series. I have downloaded many free books that are the 1st in a series, and after I read the book, if I’ve really liked it, I write down the series so one day I can buy the rest. I think a lot of really good books are missed out on if people won’t read them because they are free.


  6. I have discovered some really talented writers by downloading a free book of theirs. I have then went on to purchase other books from them. I will also say that a lot of free ebooks are not worth the time to read. It still hasn’t deterred me from getting more free books in hopes of discovering another talented author.

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  7. Usually when I download a book I am searching for something in particular. Whether that be a certain genre, plot, or author… I almost always go into it with a certain preference in mind. — It’s the free “similar suggestions” they mix in that I usually download for free. — I will say I have found some pretty good authors that way & went on to buy other books by them. — I do strongly believe in paying for books because they are somebody’s hard work. So sometimes I’m torn, but I do download free books when I think the suggestion may pan out. 🙂


  8. If the book sounds remotely interesting, then yes. But I don’t read ebooks as often, so there’s a chance I’ll never read it. But that’s not because I don’t think I’ll enjoy it, it’s just because I prefer physical books. Chances are, I might not read those, as my TBR pile is in the hundreds! Yes, I’m crazy.

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