Characters and Their Sports

I’m not talking about characters and their favorite sports to watch, I’m talking about characters and the sports they’ve played at some point in the past. I know not every genre does this, but it seems just about every detective novel I read the MC has played a particular sport at a younger age. I don’t see anything wrong with this, but I’m wondering if it’s just what I read or if it’s a bigger thing.

The two sports I know some of my favorite characters have played/participated in are baseball and boxing. I can think of one character who was a minor league baseball player until injury ended his career. And another character who was the top amateur boxer in his state. Maybe you’ve even read or written a character who still plays a particular sport? I haven’t seen that because after all, how many people are still playing a sport after being done with school.

Have you read or written characters who have played sports?

3 thoughts on “Characters and Their Sports

  1. I’m currently trying to find the best formula to build a chatacter profile. Sport is one of the nice elements that help to understand him or her better! Thanks for the tip!
    When is relevant I think it helps…I’ve never used it so far and if we don’t count Quidditch for Harry Potter, I’ve never read about one either!


  2. Sports can be a good form of character development. I’ve written two characters that are avid swimmers because it lends itself to their somewhat compulsive personalities and shows dedication. Another of my characters is a gym rat. I used her exercise habits to show how she was quite literally running in place at that point in her life. Boxing could show a characters underlying violent tendencies where lacrosse could show someone’s underlying hostility. I don’t know what baseball would signify? Patience? Ability to choose your moment?


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