Revisiting an old Friend (Andrew)

I’ve been very open about the fact that I haven’t been working on my second book since….maybe February? Which is fine, I’m not particularly worried about it at the moment. But I’ve now decided to finish that story before working on anything else. It won’t be right now. Probably won’t even be this year. But I’m thinking hopefully around January/February I’ll be able to devote some time to finishing the story.

I’m in the midst of a very important period of time that requires my full attention for the next couple of months, otherwise I’d read over my story and get writing. But again, I’m not in a rush. I know the story and where I left off. I’d considered working on new projects and even abandoning the story altogether, but neither of those will be happening. This is the story I want to finish. And I’m going to.

So tell me, what’s the longest you’ve gone without working on a particular project before going back? It’s going to be right around a year for me.

4 thoughts on “Revisiting an old Friend (Andrew)

  1. I was almost finished with a children’s book when I was hospitalized this spring. When I got out from hospital I’d caught the flu in there so it was another month before I was completely well again. It was probably about four months or so before I finished that book. I’m hoping that a much longer time will work out for another project of mine. It’s been years since I stopped working on a YA novel, but I still think about it and work on it in my mind. I’ve also taken down some notes. Hopefully, the third time will be the charm.

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  2. I’ve gone a full year, maybe a bit longer. That was primarily during grad school when I literally had no time to write, and when I was so bogged down with research, dissertations, internships, and other insanity that my mind just wasn’t on my writing. If the desire is still there, the writing will return without a problem.


  3. It definitely took over a year for me to get back to writing my 3rd story and finally completing the 1st draft this September. I actually think its a good thing I stepped away from my work for that long. At first I was concerned I would lose the inspiration I had when I started writing the story but as I began writing again, I became very inspired to where I was able to complete the rest of the story in 1 month (over half of the entire draft).


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