Is There Anything Like the First Time Reading a Book?


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This is going to be very short. I’m yawning those big, ugly yawns right now. I’m so sleepy. It’s probably because my daily nap today was cut short by a more pressing matter. So now it’s catching up to me.

Okay. This is an actual question that I don’t really have an answer for. I’d typically ask y’all a question and also give my own response. Well not today, kiddos! Because y’all should know by now that I don’t reread books. So the first time reading a book is the only time for me. And I don’t have any experience to compare that to.

I can only say two things when it comes to rereading. I think most readers tend to say that they catch on to more details the second time around. I think that’s what people say. I don’t know. And also, in the past I’ve almost felt as if I could see the future when rereading a particular text. Like when coming across a major event and knowing exactly what would follow. Just seems weird to me.

Is the second, third, or tenth time reading a book quite the same as the first? I would have to assume not. But I’m only assuming.

9 thoughts on “Is There Anything Like the First Time Reading a Book?

  1. Sometimes the second or third time is better. Some therapeutic books, like Drama of the Gifted Child, have layers to them–like we do. Some philosophical books and good literature need to be read more than once and even then you don’t feel as if you’ve gotten everything. But still, I’ve probably seen more old movies twice than read books twice.

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  2. I think people are changing, there are books that when I re read them it feels like reading them for the first time, I just analyses them differently.


  3. The only books that I’ve reread (and will reread) are The Harry Potter series. And that’s because, for me, they are an escape from my own world. I am so familiar with the books, they make me forget that I’m even sad. I long for Hogwarts and Harry’s world to be real. So, that’s what makes me want to reread HP series again and again.


    • Oh, and I guess it depends on people. I still feel as if it’s the first time I’m reading the HP series. But obviously, I know the story, I know what’ll happen. But the magic and the enchantment is still there for me. I do need breaks though. Like, I’ll reread the books every year.


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