Which Authors Would you Invite to Thanksgiving Dinner?


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I know Thanksgiving has already passed, but I wanted to post my poem on Thursday and then I thought you guys might like to know about Amazon’s promotion yesterday. So you’re getting a post related to Thanksgiving a bit late. Sue me.

Okay. It’s the beginning of November and you’re trying to figure out who is and who isn’t coming to Thanksgiving dinner. Except this time we’re not talking about family members you see each year. Nope. They’re on vacation in Cozumel. Now you’re inviting some of your favorite authors instead. How exciting!

Let me tell you who I would invite. Michael Connelly, James Patterson, Robert Crais, Robert B. Parker, and Suzanne Collins. The first four all for the same reason. Because they all write truly great detective series that I’ll never be able to compete with. So I’d just pick their brains about writing the genre for a few hours. I probably wouldn’t eat. These guys are heavyweights going strong with no sign of slowing down. Except for Parker, who died a couple years ago.

And Suzanne Collins. Because I’m obsessed with the character she created. I mean, I want to get a freaking Mockingjay pin tattoo. Oooh. Maybe I could get it before she arrives and show her how crazy I am. I’d just tell her everything I love about her stories and Katniss. Then I’d beg to get all three books signed by her AND Katniss herself. Then I’d just die. Right there.

So those are the authors I’d invite to Thanksgiving dinner! What about you? And don’t you dare try saying EL James or Stephenie Meyer. I’ll block you. Not kidding.

25 thoughts on “Which Authors Would you Invite to Thanksgiving Dinner?

  1. I’d invite G. K. Chesterton, C. S. Louis, Kate Dicmillo, John C. Wright, and L Jagi Lamplighter.

    Of course the former two are dead and the last two I’ve already had dinner with, but it would still be a fun evening!


      • I’m not really sure… I mean I know how it happened it just still feels so surreal somtimes.

        It started when I sent Lamplighter a fan letter via my mom’s Facebook massage. She sent me an email in response, and I then proceeded to run around the house screaming and FanGirling for half an hour straight.

        Fast forward several months of chatted back and forth on email about books and things, and her letting me read her, then, unpublished book that was going to be the start off her new series.
        I mentioned to her that me and my brothers were going up to DC to see an opera, so we’d be in her area, and asked if she wanted to meet up. She was existed to meet us, (we had become good friends by then) and invited us over to her house. (I kinda freaked out about that, too.) So we went to her house, and got to meet her, her kids, and her husband; who is my other favorite author, John C. Wright, and is one of the most hilarious and brilliant men I have ever met. We hung around for many hours, talking, eating pizza and playing an RPG game. Needless the say it was AWESOME and my fangirl was on over drive the whole time.
        It’s cool because their just another family, and regular people, who just so happen to write some of my favorite stories.
        That was the first time we had dinner with them. We’ve visited a couple other times and also went to a cook with them and some of their friends (most of whom are writers.) and we are now considered family friends to the Wrights (That’s their last name.)
        Anyway, it’s really cool knowing them because there’re amazing people and awesome writers, and their really helpful with books and promoting and answering questions I have.
        Oh and I’ve also been helping beta read the books in her series “The Unexpected Enlightenment of Rachel Griffin.” So she put me name in the acknowledgements:)


      • Wow. Like WOW. Do that with the ones on my list and get them to invite you over. And I’ll be your brother. Or boyfriend. Or whatever just as long as i get inside. Deal? Pretty please.


      • I don’t know… I haven’t mastered this new power yet, I’m not even sure how I manged it the first time. But if I happen to befriend an author you’d like to meet, I’ll hide you in a suitcase or something:-)


      • I’ll let you out once I get inside. Or I’ll just skip the whole suitcase thing and let you tag along, so we don’t, you know freak anyone out with a guy suddenly coming out of a suitcase.

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      • Yes, and then we’d never get to pick their brains or talk about books. And that would never do. If we piss them off, they might put us in a book just so they could kill us! Authors are scary that way!

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      • Bahaha! Yes! They really are. Although…I wouldn’t mind one bit. And you’re already in someone’s book. I would die if someone thanked me or whatever in their Acknowledgements.


      • Oh yes, I’m very proud of the fact 😉 I also, apparently was in one of John C. Wright’s dreams, not sure how I manged that either…

        P.S. You remember the Anti-Dog Ear Book Society thing? Well I’ve been busy and forgot about it for a while, but I think I can finish that video I was making for it, sometime in the future. That cool with you Buck Whisper?


  2. I would love to have JK Rowling, Tolkien, Paulo coelho, Dostoyevsky, kaleed hosseini, Maxim Gorky at my dinner table! Bizzare set… I know 😉 but they are just a few of my favourite authors! And I almost forgot…Wodehouse! 🙂


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