More Adaptations From the Work of JK Rowling

British writer JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series of books, poses during the launch of new online website Pottermore in Londo

Isn’t eight Potter movies enough? Along with the upcoming Potter spinoff? Obviously not. But really, is there any person out there who doesn’t want all her work adapted in some form? I don’t think so.

It was just recently announced that her first two Cormoran Strike novels will be adapted for TV by the BBC. I read crime novels all the time, but I haven’t read either The Cuckoo’s Calling or The Silkworm just yet. I’d like to get through that other series she wrote first. And I’m only one book in. The good thing about these books being adapted is that they’re not going to the big screen, but instead they’ll be adapted for TV. The major differences between a TV and theatrical adaptation are obvious. Try telling the story in roughly two hours or do so over the course of an entire season. I vote TV.

Also, her book The Casual Vacancy will be adapted into a miniseries set to air in February. I think.

And since this is turning into a JK Rowling news flash, did y’all hear (which I’m sure you have) that she’s releasing 12 days’ worth of stories for Christmas on Pottermore? Well she is. So get to reading them.

Are you excited for any of her upcoming adaptations?

6 thoughts on “More Adaptations From the Work of JK Rowling

  1. She is a good writer though not sure how the translation to TV will go. She may not have as much control over that as she did the movies. Rather read the books first anyway. Just me.


  2. I love everyone of her Harry Potter novels and short stories but we all have strength and weaknesses. She is merely adequate as a mystery novelist. In a realm filled with likes of Christie, Dexter and the recently deceased P. D. James she is merely a bit player on their stage


  3. I don’t think I can handle a Casual Vacancy miniseries, my heart isn’t strong enough for the emotions! The Cormoran Strike series will be very cool though… they’d have to do something pretty amazing to set it apart from all the other BBC crime dramas though.


  4. British crime novels seem to become quite popular for TV now. “The Rivers of London” series is also going to be turned into a TV series 🙂
    I really can’t wait for “The Causal Vacancy”. I loved that book.


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