A Special Treat This Week

2014 is quickly coming to a close. Later in the month I’ll do a recap post for the whole year, but this week I’m going to do something a little different. It’ll be a series of of posts titled “The Best of 2014” and each day I’ll discuss a different topic. But these won’t just be random things I want to write about, they’re all about blogging!

And I figure why not start off big. The first topic will be bloggers! I guess it’s no different from doing one of those stupid blog awards posts, but this time I’m taking a whole lot more into consideration. I’m going to be thinking of the content of their posts, how often they visit my blog, and how often we interact on one of our blogs. This won’t be strictly a list of my favorite bloggers because that would be too easy. I’m really going to spend some time on this in the next 24 hours to come up with a list of bloggers I think you all would like.

I’m planning on naming 10, which after my year of blogging is just about impossible, and I already have at least half of those spots filled without having to look anything up…BUT do you REALLY think you should make the list? Feel free to do a little lobbying in the comments section. This isn’t a competition and my opinion is only my opinion, but I think it would be cool to get a little recognition from someone for an entire year of blogging. So why not toot your own horn a bit?

Check back tomorrow to see if you make the list!

6 thoughts on “A Special Treat This Week

  1. Great idea, but why ten….why not twelve….or twenty? (You could take your socks of to count that many if needed)!
    But you are right, we all like a little recognition for our efforts every now and again, and the fact you talk about interaction….I’m with you all the way. So I am sure whoever makes the ‘Book of John’ will be extremely grateful.


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