Why Writing is Better Than Sex

Okay. So I have three emails that I use to varying degrees. The first is one I’ve had for years and its inbox has thousands of emails. The second is one I made when I got my Galaxy S4 last year that I now only use for important things. And I’ll occasionally give it to a someone trying to send me a writing sample or whatever. The third one is not used at all. I have the app but I just don’t need it for anything.

Well, the third email is the one that is linked to my official website for contact purposes. Cause I’m so important that I need an email for contact purposes. Anyway, I randomly checked the third email’s inbox today and found something great. An email from Global English Editing. They found my website and had a nice infographic for me to check out called “Why Writing is Better Than Sex.” It’s actually very funny and maybe more true than one would think. So without further delay, I give you “Why Writing is Better Than Sex.” Tell me what you think!


The original can be found here.

And thanks to Angela from Global English Editing for emailing it to me!

9 thoughts on “Why Writing is Better Than Sex

  1. Hi, John,

    I think it’s hilarious that a group calling itself “Leaders in English editing and proofreading,” claiming to do this for a business (!?!), has at least 2 mistakes in this infographic: “experiential” should be “experimental,” in the “God” section; “damn” should be “damned” in the same part.

    Sheesh. That’s just what I saw from a cursory glance. I’m sure I’d find more if I tried.

    All that aside (sorry; red pen installed permanently in my reading eye), I also disagree that sex only provides participants with a choice of two emotions or experiences, pleasure and shame. Sure feel sorry for them if that’s all they know.

    Also feeling sad that, for them, “the good part” (what part is that, exactly??) is “fleeting.”

    Do agree that writing is better, overall, though.

    Thanks for posting. Some of it made me laugh.

    Best to you!



  2. Hahaha. This was pretty funny. And the line about sex being pleasure or shame is quite clever. My problem is if sex doesn’t have a big dose of shame I’m really not interested. Hahahaha. Or maybe that’s not a problem.


  3. I think the evidence “mosquitos have sex” is hilarious. The rest of the argument was too pat.
    They could try “why foot massage is better”


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