Writing Pet Peeves #2: Text talk



I told y’all I’d continue this series at some point. Well today’s the day.

Text talk. Ooooh. Do not get me started. This probably should have been the first post in the series because I think this irks me more than bad capitalization does. But it’s a close race. Anyway, we live in the age of the smartphone, right? Smartphones that have been made to help us do the simplest of tasks, right? Including our terrible writing.

See, I know not everyone is going to be like me and text/tweet with nice complete sentences and proper punctuation. But some people take it way too far. I just recently saw “ion” in a tweet and didn’t understand why that word was used in that context. Then I realized that someone was trying to say “I don’t” and had shortened it. Like what the? I also see “tryna” quite a bit. Which of course is “trying to” shortened. Tell me I’m not the only person who is annoyed with this nonsense. Cause these are just two examples of SO many.

Like all the stupid acronyms. I use “lol” because that’s my way of acknowledging that the other person was trying to be funny and I noticed. No laugh. No anything. But at least I’m acknowledging it. But seeing “smh” or “idgaf” or “lmao” or “rofl” or “fml” or “wtf” or any of the gazillion acronyms that are constantly used is about as annoying as it gets.

AND lastly, those who text with no sentences or punctuation or anything. They just type big blobs of text. Please stop. Just let your phone do that stuff for you like everyone else.

If you don’t know what all the acronyms mean…you lucky soul.

18 thoughts on “Writing Pet Peeves #2: Text talk

  1. I only know a few of the acronyms because unlike most people, I DO NOT have a cell phone. I have used lol and wtf a few times. My mother uses wtf more than I do… since I taught her what it means. No. Just stop. (I really have to stop teaching Mom these things because then she sort of tries to be hip) Acronyms are the bane of our language existence. It is going to seriously screw up anyone who writes, especially children… and as it is, no one knows how to carry on a conversation anymore because all they do is text. With acronyms. You shouldn’t have gotten me started.

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  2. BRAVO! Do you ever watch chick flixs? In Sleepless in Seattle, the young girl talks in text talk. I think the writer was making fun of it. It is real sad though. Of course, I shutter when reading the handwriting of today (I’m showing my age). None of it is done with style anymore.


  3. Don’t get me started, either, John! We should “not start on this topic” together, because there is no end to our hatred for the abuse of the English language. I daily wonder if the general retreat in American school testing scores, and in overall comparison to other first-rate countries’ performance in academia, is due to the phenomenon of smartphones, and in allowing minors, who are still forming their understanding of language or its nuances, to have and use phones and internet, etc. I remember when I got to college and started using Facebook, it was only allowed to be used by people with a .edu email address. Now I see people making Facebook pages for their newborn babies. I only hope that That Generation, the newborns, grows up to hate that their parents advertised their lives in such an inane way. Hopefully those same kids will also bring about a popular revival of excellent writing and speaking. The things I hear from kids these days make me worry….


  4. GAH!!! I think THIS may be my biggest writing pet peeve, ever! I hate it when people do this. I have a friend who has a degree in literature. LITERATURE! And never uses correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, etc. in any of her texts, or even e-mail. GAH!!! I use proper spelling and grammar in all my texts. It may make them a bit longer, but I just can’t do it any other way. I twitch a little every time I get a text with only acronyms and such. Blech.

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