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I have a serious question for you all. Why do so many bloggers post writing quotes? I mean, are they really THAT inspiring or motivating? I don’t think so.

I see posts every single day on blogs I follow and some I don’t with writing quotes. That’s it. No original content. And I just want to know what makes posts like those interesting. Cause there are some that publish and BAM! 82 Likes. Or 233. Not that the number of Likes on a post makes it any better, but come on. Don’t sit there and act like you don’t get excited when it appears that a new post you’ve published is getting some attention. It’s normal. But I think there are way too many people who just copy and paste random writing quotes from the internet and call it a blog post. It isn’t. And no matter what anyone says, it never will be.

AND you see so many of the same quotes over and over and over again. Stop.

And yes, I pulled a random quote from the internet for the image to make my point. No idea who the quoted person is.

PS: Stay tuned for my 2014 recap tomorrow!

23 thoughts on “Writing Quotes

  1. I agree. I read original stuff. I’m up for the occasional reblog if someone finds something cool too. I don’t mind quotes as part of a theme where the blogger has something to say about the theme.


  2. I post quotes at the end of my posts most of the time because they usually relate to my original topic. I see ‘inspiring’ quotes all the time. Do I ‘like’ them? Yes. Do they change how I write and who I am. Most of the time, no, but they can still give me something to think about. Either way, I’m neutral on the quote thing.

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  3. I agree. I love writing quotes, however you can’t just copy&paste one and call that a blog post. You can use them to add to your post, but they shouldn’t be your post.


  4. I’ve thought about this as well. People like quotes and slogans. I don’t know why. Maybe because a quote or slogan articulates a thought better than what most people could conjure for themselves.


  5. I agree. It’s ironic to me. As writers, we’re trying to produce memorable, quotable lines, not borrow someone else’s. Maybe it does inspire us or make us better writers to hold these examples in front of us, I don’t know. I almost borrowed one from Anne Lamott this morning, She said she’d had such an epiphany about something she knew she was going to end up dating the Dalai Lama.


  6. I like writing quotes. I will post things like this only in one large post, like my Saturday Inspires. I want to group them all together for a one lump sum just to look at, but no, random quotes is not a blog post. That’s what Tumblr is for…. But I do like the quotes a lot of the time and they are inspiring in their own way. It just depends.


      • I ‘play’ on Tumblr. That’s all. What I post/reblog/whatev, is just for future reference. more for myself. I’ve always been a fan of quotes. I write them down in my journal, I cut them out of magazines and paste them somewhere…. It’s just me.


  7. Yes. I find it irritating if there’s no content at all. But if the quote heads a longer piece of writing I think that’s fine. Equally annoying are those people who simply publish a link to a piece of their writing that they want to sell! I find myself scrolling through hundreds of posts in the reader just to find one or two I want to read more of!

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  8. I have a page dedicated to some favorite quotes. I can’t pretend I understand what people consider acceptable to blog about. I see unoriginal one liners get over 100 likes. I haven’t managed even that many WordPress followers (I’m not capable of sticking to one topic). So… I’m useless on this. Regurgitating others words is cheating, though.


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