Mark Zuckerberg’s “A Year of Books”

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If you read yesterday’s post, then you know that I hate New Year’s resolutions. I really do. Of course the same day I posted that I came across a resolution I rather like. Go figure. Mark Zuckerberg’s 2015 resolution is to start a book club. He’s calling it “A Year of Books” and the group will be reading a book every other week of 2015.

The Facebook page says the group will be focused on books about “…learning new cultures, beliefs, histories and technologies.” I’m not sure how many novels will be read during the course of the year, but tell me this isn’t a great way for 26 authors who have probably written books that no one is talking about to find a very diverse and enthusiastic audience. We’re talking the potential to find millions of readers here. Mark Zuckerberg has more than 30 million followers on Facebook. Of course not all of them will be interested in his book club, but I think a good portion of them will be.

So what do you think about Zuckerberg’s “A Year of Books” book club? I think it might just be the best resolution I’ve come across. Because Zuckerberg can read his 26 books a year and tell no one about them. But now he’s creating a conversation and getting people reading. I’m hoping his club comes to challenge Oprah’s because there can never be too many people buying and reading books.

You can access the Facebook page for the group here.

The first book for the club will be The End of Power by Moises Naim.

PS: I can’t say whether or not this is a direct result of the book club, but the paperback edition of the book is currently unavailable on Amazon. Hmm.

12 thoughts on “Mark Zuckerberg’s “A Year of Books”

  1. I think it’s wonderful when anybody starts a book club, but especially someone in such a position of influence like Mark Zuckerberg. Now, I’m not normally the biggest celebrity fan, but this is what people who are role models for the younger generations should be doing: encouraging reading and literacy, as well as meaningful conversations to improve young minds. Go, Mark!


  2. No matter what everyone says about Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook but that guy is a freaking genius and smart. I am not sure if I will partcipate in this because I rather like reading novels. Still I love the idea that he tries to encourage people to read more 🙂


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