Which 2015 Releases are you most Looking Forward to?

My answer to this question is so easy. None. That’s because I never buy new releases. Why? Because that would usually mean buying an overpriced ebook or buying a hardcover. No thanks. I actually know the last two new releases I bought. I bought Misery Bay (Alex McKnight #8) by Steve Hamilton in 2011 and The Jaguar (Charlie Hood #5) by T. Jefferson Parker in 2012. I just said I never buy new releases and here I’ve mentioned two books that I bought fairly recently. Well, I bought them from the indie bookstore here that hosts all the major authors who go on tour. This place gets them all. And I attended an event for each of these two authors and decided to buy the new release so I could get my other books signed.

Was I particularly happy about having to buy these two books? Nope. They’re more overpriced than even Barnes and Noble is. At least they usually have discounts on new releases. But I decided that paying $24.95 or whatever it was was okay to get some autographs.

Anyway, so this means that I am not looking forward to a single 2015 release. I’m not sure I even know of any forthcoming books this year. I mean, I know James Patterson will release more books than anyone, but that’s about it. So which 2015 releases are you most looking forward to?

17 thoughts on “Which 2015 Releases are you most Looking Forward to?

  1. Brandon Sanderson has two major releases slotted for this year. I live about an hour from Portland, so Powell’s brings him in for almost all of his new releases, and I’m going to see him on the 16th, and hopefully again in October. He’s my favorite author, so I pretty much buy all his stuff brand new. I don’t mind paying $30 for a signed copy of a book that weighs more than my head. Plus, the suspense of waiting a year for a paperback would most likely kill me.

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    • I think you’ve mentioned him to me before. I’d have your same problem if I were caught up in any of my series. I’m not. I started them once they were already established. So I definitely understand not wanting to wait.


  2. I rarely buy hyped new releases, but that’s because I’m not a bandwagon-jumper when it comes to books. I read TFIOS and City of Bones before they had any kind of following. I WILL buy new releases from Indie Authors if I have good reason to believe they will be well written and interesting, and if it’s a price I would normally pay for a book anyway.


  3. I agree with you on this. I think the last new release I bought was Harry Potter. I grew up reading the books so it was a must have. Plus if I didn’t get it and read it immediately I’m sure I would have come across spoilers.


  4. I too am not planning on reading any new releases, mainly because I have yet to see what the new release are about. Also, because I have a long list of books I still have to read and they may take the better part of this year to read them 🙂


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