Want to Pick my Next Read?

You guys should know by now that I’ve been trying to read some books from the Amazon list. I say Amazon list because I assume you know that the editors at Amazon about a year ago released a list of 100 books everyone should read in a lifetime. I’ve been slowly working my way through some of the books on there since I found out about it.

Now I’ve decided to pick a handful of the titles and ask you guys which one I should read next. I’d prefer that you only consider the books I’ve selected because I may do this again at some point later in the year and I don’t want to start a discussion about every book on the list. So, I’ve picked five that I think most of you will be familiar with and all I want is for you to pick one. You can go ahead and make a case for any book in the comments, but you can vote easily in the poll.

I know a minimal amount about three of these and know nothing about the other two. I’ll start reading the top choice within a week, so there’ll be a few days to get some votes in. Poll time!

13 thoughts on “Want to Pick my Next Read?

  1. I would say “The Things They Carried” or “Gone Girl.” Personally, “The Catcher in the Rye” is waaay overrated. If you like pretentious, up your butt writing and a protagonist you want to strangle, then by all means read it. haha.

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  2. I read 1984 this summer and I loved it. It took a bit to get into but there’s a lot of interesting philosophical stuff in there with freaky parallels to the world today. I just got Catcher in the Rye for Christmas and I’m looking forward to reading that soon.


      • It was for 1984, I have no idea if Catcher in the Rye is worth the read yet. At least in my opinion. Also a point for 1984, you will notice of references to it in pop culture once you read the book. I’m pretty sure the idea for the show Big Brother came from it as well.


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